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Below you will find an alphabetical listing of links to our Field Writers biography pages here at Rabbit Hunting Online.  Click on any name to see their biography webpage.

Our Field Writers come from many different areas of North America; with vastly different backgrounds.  They bring you a broad array of excellent articles that we hope you enjoy and utilize to their fullest.

If you have expertise or simply a good working knowledge of rabbit hunting, beagles, rabbit recipes, conservation, gun owner rights, beagle health or other related topics of interest to our readers, we urge you to fill out the Field Writer Questionnaire and join our staff of Field Writers.  You don't need to be a famous writer, or even an expert -- simply have the desire to share your knowledge and help other rabbit hunters and beaglers.

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Mark Betts
New York, USA
Richard Bishop
Calgary, AB Canada
Bill Braddock
Oklahoma, USA
Harvey Cain
Mississippi, USA
Jeff Caldwell
Ontario, Canada
Aaron Comeau
New Hampshire, USA
Rev. Lamar Denby
Texas, USA
Eric Fernandez
California, USA
Mark Flege
Ohio, USA
Bob Green
Ohio, USA
Ed Hedgecorth
Missouri, USA
Tom Holloman
Indiana, USA
Randie and Miriam Jones
Georgia, USA
David Lockard
Pennsylvania, USA
Von Locklear
North Carolina, USA
Louie Mattocks
Alabama, USA
Chris Miller
New Hampshire, USA
Justin Riewestahl
North Carolina, USA
Jason Schmuck
Wisconsin, USA
George Stamps
Kentucky, USA
Joe Robinson
William Scott
New York, USA
Mike Smith
West Virginia , USA
Brock Wilson
Maxie Wright
Alabama, USA

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