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Gun Safety and Cleaning Tips
From: Anonymous
Comments: Put a piece of tape over the barrel to prevent something (like snow or mud) from clogging the barrel and creating injury once fired.

Hunting Tips

Name: Muggs
Email: mmfastrabbitdog@aol.com
State: Ohio
Comments: If the sire and the dam do not jump rabbits , then there is not much of a chance that the pups will either
From: Josh Bittner
Email: wazzup45@juno.com
State: Ohio
Comments: When you see a rabbit come out of the brush, lead him on and don't yell if you miss him because you may get another shot.
From: Derek Edge
Email: houndsman23@hotmail.com
State: Georgia
Comments: When the dogs jump a rabbit get there and wait patiently.  The rabbit will return--always.  Do not chase the dogs, you will waste your time.
Name: Gary
Email: hoytman@ticon.net
State: Wisconson
Tip:  Need some new places to hunt? Consider donating surplus rabbits too a local food pantry or homeless shelter. (fully dressed and cleaned). This makes great PR for gaining permission to hunt new land, and is a good community service.

Name: James Thomas
Email: rabbittipgiverman2000@yahoo.com
State: New Mexico
Tip: Sometimes whistling shrilly when you jump a rabbit or hare will cause it to stop and listen. The pause may be long enough to give you a good shot.

Kennel Tips
From: Anonymous
Need a mouse proof dog food storage bin? Try an old chest freezer - they are rodent proof, light to move (if you remove the motor & compressor), and cheep (maybe even free).

Name: Travis
Email: Trayum@yahoo.com
State: North Carolina
Tip: Kennel Tips
The best way to keep your rabbit beagles in the winter in to keep them of the ground you can put you some wood pallets down with a sheet of ply board and keep plenty of treated hay in there.For pregnant females keep them completely of the ground in the high rabbit looking cages that is about 4 foot high

Keeping beagles quiet
From: Les Thayer
Email: lesterthayer@hotmail.com
State: Wisconsin
Tip: Garden hose i think is the best training tool there is for beagles.  They hate the water hose.  I live in town and just got a new dog from the country were it could bark all day and nite, so the first night I got several complaints.  What I did is attach a spray nossle to the kennel with drawstraps setting the nossel on spray ran the hose to my bedroom window; attached to a 89ct. valve and then to the outside faucett.  She barks she get a squirt,two days later, no more barking problems.

 Tips for Beginners
From: Jim Howell
Email: jdhowell@adelphia.net
State: Ohio
Comments: If I was just beginning to rabbit hunt, I would go to a local beagle breeder that was honest, and I would ask him if I could hunt with him, because I wanted to buy a dog.  If I liked what saw out of his dogs I would try to buy one.  If they were not for sale I would buy a pup from that honest man, and have him help me get it started.

 Rabbit Cleaning Tips
From: Jesse
Email: Jed_377@yahoo.com
State: WI
Comments: An easy way to gut a rabbit is to:
First step on their head, and pull up on the hind legs to pull the head off.
Second step is to start at the hind legs, and pull the hide down.
Third, just follow up with pulling the insides out.
Its simple, quick, and clean!
From: Anonymous
RABBITS UNDER PRESSURE--If the old cottontail or hare you last fried was tough and stringy, try this approach.  Put your bunny pieces in a pressure cooker for about 10 minutes, then fry them as usual. The meat will be tender, flavorful and will melt in your mouth.

Rabbitat Tips
Name: Max Dunker
Email: usdman123@aol.com
State: IL
Comments: If you want to start to attract rabbits to an area, then set out food for them and lay down old sheet metal.  The rabbits will use it for shade to keep them cool.
Name: Buschbound
Email: buschboundbeagles@msn.com
State: Michigan
Comments: Rabbit feeders -- use a PVC pipe about 3" or bigger with an open elbow on the end with lots of cover around it so predators and deer don't have easy pickings... attach it to a tree -- preferably bungee cords and fill it with corn in the winter and pellets in the summer.  This will feed rabbit a long time and you won't have to fill feeders so often. If snow is plentiful make sure to raise or lower to keep feeder within reach.  Also keep a cover on top so food doesn't get wet -- a coffee can works great.

Puppy Training Tips

Name: Jerry
Email: katawanna@earthlink.net
State: North Carolina
Tip: I got this method for a coon hunter.  I normally run my puppies with older dogs, but they act like they don't what they are doing, so I put a rabbit in a roll cage, with the older dogs barking and biting at the cage, the puppies soon did the same thing.  I let the pups carry on for a bit, I tied the old dogs so they could just reach the cage, with the pups and the older dogs trying to get at the rabbit (of course this is done in a pen).  I release the rabbit.  After 5 or 6 times, when the old dogs bark, the pups come a running trying to get in on the action.  I hope this helps someone...  good hunting

Name: Eric Howard and Jason Guthrie
Email: horsemajor10@hotmail.com
State: Missouri
Tip: We are the kind of people who have puppies and some experienced dogs so we turn the experienced dog in a brush pile, and when they jump turn the pups loose.

Name: Rich Thomas
Email: rdtrichmond@aol.com
State: TN
Tip: Puppie training.
Drag a ded rabbit arround the yard and then lay it in some tall grass or brush and turn the pups out and walk slowly where the sent trail is the pups will start smelling and will find the rabbit then feed some to each pup.
This is good to start pups but watch that thay are running the rabbit and not you.

Name: Lloyd Barnhart
State: New York
Tip: Speed up scent trailing training by playing "fetch" in the dark.  Soak a favorite ball with rabbit scent...then roll it across the lawn after dark and command, "Fetch"...Pup must use her nose to find the ball!

Name: Mark "Goes" Betts
Email: goes@citlink.net
State: NY
Tip: Pup Training. I start with an old sock and begin "fetch" training (pup is 7 weeks), I then add a cottontail (just the tail)into the sock and continue "fetch" training (pup is 8 weeks). I then play "hide and seek" by dragging the sock around and hiding it (pup is 9 weeks). I then use a frozen rabbit to "tease" and entise the pup. I then tie the rabbit to a rope (about 50 feet) and set pup at the rabbit, and yank the rabbit away from the pup, this gets the pup to chase the rabbit,(pup is 10 weeks) i then increase the time of pulling the rabbit and the time i release the pup until the rabbit is completely out of sight before the pup is released and each time making it more and more difficult by creating checks and crossovers (pup is 11 through 15 weeks). I then introduce the pup to a live rabbit and the trained instinct takes over( pup is 16 weeks). I do each step everyday for a week starting with a few minutes of play up to a few hours of work, it has never failed.

Name: Andrew Moree
Email: andrew_moree@yahoo.com
State: Mississippi
Tip: Tip: If you have a small puppy take a fishing pole and a drag bag and tie it on and cover it in rabbit scent. Throw it around in the yard and let the little puppy chase it.

Name: George Scott
Email: gls28372@yahoo.com
State: North Carolina
Tip: When training a puppy, I take it to the woods with old dogs who run good. When the dogs jump the rabbit I follow the dogs and the puppy follows me.  Sooner or later the puppy will catch on and start packing with the dogs.

Hunting Safety Tips
Name: Dan
Email: Rsmith9@neo.rr.com
State: Ohio
Tip: To keep track of the dog and to prevent shooting the dog.
Get a bell from the local hunting department made for upland game birds and attach it to collar.  To prevent getting dog and rabbit mixed up for a too eagered rabbit hunter put an orange vest on the dog.

 Deer Breaking Tips

Name: Nash Williams
Email: NWilliams@trustmark.com
State: TN
Tip: This was passed on to me from a friend.  To prevent Beagle from trailing deer place deer hide and dog in barrel and roll down small hill.  Dog believes he has been whooped by deer.  Be realistic with this, the barrel will need to be closed but I don't want to be responsible for someone killing their dog.  Be interested to see other ideas on breaking this bad trait.

Name: Tony Ratliff
Email: zimo463@yahoo.com
State: KY
Tip: For a more sensible and safer way to break your dog from deer,is place a scent pad on your dog''s collar(I used a piece of cloth,and wire ties to it secure to the collar).Place the deer scent on the pad,and the dogs will walk right over a deer trail.

Name: J. Smith
Email: barbwire44@hotmail.com
State: Ohio
Tip: Best tip I have for breaking dogs of running deer is place deer dander (scent) on a mouse trap leave a small trail to the trap and cover the trap with leaves. Sounds cruel but really works well have never had a dog set the trap off twice. And haven''t had any deer trailing after doing this. Not to say a dog won''t sight chase a deer but at least it won't track one.

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