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Community Directory :: Rabbit Hunting OnlineThe RABBIT HUNTING ONLINE Community Directory is designed to be a state by state (and country by country) directory of Beagler's information.  A resource where beaglers and rabbit hunters from around the world can post their contact information so that other beaglers and rabbit hunters can use them as a resource...

  • Got a question about a certain type of bloodline?
  • Want to ask someone where you might get a good pup or started dog near you?
  • Want to talk dogs with someone who has, or knows of, a bloodline you're interested in?

Enter your information into our Community Directory here.

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How the RABBIT HUNTING ONLINE Community Directory was born...
We received an excellent idea by e-mail, from a fellow beagler from Michigan.  This, like most every good idea that is put into practice, came from someone taking the time to make a suggestion.  Thanks for the great suggestion!

I have been looking at your site and I think its a real great site -- one of my favorites  I have noticed you have to find peoples e-mail addresses when you find a post on the BB or in a classified ad.  I was wondering if anyone has ever made a contact list where people can submit there kennel name, location, type of bloodline they run etc., so its easier to fine people if you are looking for info., or just want to talk to someone about dogs, hunting, or whatever.  I think a list of names, e-mails and other contact info. by state, would be great.  It would be real helpful and would make this site far different from all others.  Just an opinion.  Dave Martin @ Busch Bound Beagles



Name: Adam Bayard
Home Town: Port Perry, Ontario
E-mail: adambayard@msn.com
Tel #: (905) 985-2617
Kennel Name: Northern English Kennels
Comments: Snowshoe Hare, cottontail and European Hare hunter.

Name: Bill Jess
Home town: Wellandport, Canada
Telephone: 905-701-5376
E-mail: mapleoakkennels@aol.com
Kennel name: Maple-Oak Kennels
Bloodlines: Shorts Pro, Iron Mike
Ever have dogs for sale?: 3 - 4 times a year

Name: Lee & Shirley Currah
Home town: Granton
Country: Canada
Telephone: 519-225-2605
Kennel Name: Echo-Hill Kennels
Bloodlines: Iron Mike, Gun Creek Rock
Ever have dogs for sale?: 2 - 3 times a year
Comments: We are near London Ont.

Name: Mike White
Home town: Gore, Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Telephone: (902) 632-2902
E-mail: mikermas@ns.sympatico.ca
Kennel Name: MIKERMAS
Ever have dogs for sale?: Annually
Comments: Breeding, Hunting, Field Trialing, purebred C.K.C. registered beagles in the Maritimes since 1969.


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