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Name: James Stancil, Jr.
Home Town: Rainsville, Alabama
E-mail: jmstancil@yahoo.com
Tel #: 256-638-6911
Kennel Name: Dugger Mountain Kennel
Bloodlines: Buzz Bomb,Weir Creek, Yellow Creek, Skullfork, Black Creek
Ever have dogs for sale?: sometimes

Name: Brian Brewer
Home Town: Grant, AL
E-mail: brewboski@cs.com
Tel #: 256.728.3215
Bloodlines: Rob's Diamond, Bucks Branch, Playboy, Line Controller
Comments: I love to run bunnies.  Don't care if I shoot them or not.  Just love the music of running hounds.  Drop me an e-mail and let's go hunting.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Rarely

Name: Michael Springfield
Home town: Boaz, Alabama
Telephone: 256-891-0641
E-mail: mikes2@hiwaay.net
Kennel name: Culbert Branch Kennel
Bloodlines: Stubby, Dingus, Skullfork
Ever have dogs for sale? occasionally
Comments: I love to hear the music.  I do enjoy gunning with good friends and good dogs.  Call or e-mail anytime and we will turn them loose!

Name: Brock Wilson
Home town: Hartselle, Alabama
E-mail: brabbit25@wmconnect.com
Kennel Name: Brock's Mountain Beagles
Bloodlines: mountain
Ever have dogs for sale?: sometimes
Comments: I love to hear those beagles singing on the trail of a cottontail or a big 'ol swamper. Lets go hunting.

Name: tyler ross
Home town: boaz alabama
Telephone: 2565612200
E-mail: taross@tds.net
Bloodlines: blue zipper :and blakes sasafras tea
Ever have dogs for sale?: never
Comments: i love to rabbit hunt .if you know were i live come out any time







Name: Jimmy
Home Town: West Haven, CT
E-mail: spikes269@aol.com


Name: Curt E Burns
Home town: Smyrna , Delaware
E-mail: ceburns@dol.net
Ever have dogs for sale?: almost never




Name: J. T. Neenan
Home Town: Bell, FL
E-mail: beagler@alltel.net
Kennel Name: Glanmire Kennels
Bloodlines: Red Rock, Poison Pete, Cabin Creek
Comments: Ever have dogs for sale?: On occasion

Name: Gerald Andrews
Home town: Sanderson, Florida
Telephone: 904-259-6321
Website: http://myweb.ecomplanrt.com/ANDR1540
E-mail: beasbeagles@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: Bea's Beagles
Bloodlines: Eagle Creek , Powerline, Woodstock,
Ever have dogs for sale?: Sometimes
Comments: I have Rebbit and Deer beagles. I like to here the dogs run. Music to my ears.


Name: Steve Kowalski
Home Town: Adkinson, GA
Email: renegade4377@yahoo.com
Tel #: 912-778-3391
Bloodlines: Nance's Blackjack, Powerline Hank, Star R Southern
Ever have dogs for sale?: most of the time

Name: John Phillips
Home Town: Luthersville, Ga
E-mail: Phill31@aol.com
Tel #: 770-927-6984
Kennel Name: Rocky Top Kennels
Bloodlines: Littleman, Rob's Diamond II
Ever have dogs for sale?: Sometimes

Name: Chuck Fife
Home Town: Bowman, GA
E-mail: cfife51@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Fork Creek Kennel
Bloodlines: Honey Springs Radar, Daddy Rabbit's Chirper
Comments: Color of the dog is no matter.  I want a dog with hunt and med. speed.
Ever have dogs for sale?: very seldom

Name: Frederick Stokes Jr.
Home town: Eatonton, GA
Telephone: 678 754 7482
E-mail: Handsnyaback@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: CS Beagle Kennels
Ever have dogs for sale?: Dont have dogs for sale to often but I have puppies often.
Comments: I'm always interested in a good rabbit dog, and I'm always willing to talk dogs and hunting.

Name: Raymond Walker, Jr.
Home town: Savannah, GA
Telephone: 912.231.2903
E-mail: rwalker13@comcast.net
Kennel Name: T&W Kennels
Bloodlines: BlueTick
Ever have dogs for sale: Occasionally
Comments: Always looking for an opportunity to better our kennels. Come on down to South Ga. for some beagling fun. We love to hear 'em run.
Name: George and Katrina Rosser
Home town: Cedartown
Website: http://www.hstrial-grosser.homestead.com
E-mail: SouthernBeagles@aol.com
Kennel Name: Southern Beagles
Bloodlines: Little Man/Buzz Saw
Ever have dogs for sale?: On occasion
Comments: Med fast hounds with line controll, brains and comformation.

Name: Aubrey Holcombe
Home town: Royston, Georgia
Telephone: 1-706-245-5391
E-mail: holc4064@bellsouth.net
Kennel Name: Daddy Rabbit Kennels
Bloodlines: Daddy Rabbit's, Weir Creeks
Ever have dogs for sale?: Every day
Comments: Like to gun hunt with good friends, and hounds.

Name: Randy Henson
Home town: Warner Robins, Georgia
Telephone: (478) 929-5798
E-mail: HensonsBeagles@Yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Henson's Briarpatch Beagles
Bloodlines: Weircreek, Flatcreek, Gay, Daddy Rabbi's, Cotton Country Scout
Ever have dogs for sale?: Sometimes
Comments: Love to run em! I run all AKC registered hounds. Give me a
holler if even just to talk. God Bless and Keep you!

Name: davao lemon
Home town: forestpark,ga.
Telephone: 404-451-7305
E-mail: davaolemon2003@yahoo.com
Bloodlines: any
Ever have dogs for sale?: often

Name: Joe Hester
Home town: Macon, Georgia
Telephone: 478-784-8546
E-mail: courtney_joe@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: Briarmount beagles
Bloodlines: weircreek, cotton country scout, boggy holler buddie
Ever have dogs for sale?: sometime
Comments: call anytime. stud service avaliable

Name: Gary Deems
Home town: Ringgold, Georgia 30736
E-mail: gary_deems@ yahoo.com
Bloodlines: Gay and Blackcreek
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally
Comments: I don't breed to sale,I breed to enhance my own hunting stock however, inso doing I sometimes have a started dog or pup to sale.

Name: Eddie Ledford
Home town: Ellijay, Georgia
Telephone: 706-669-0541
E-mail: eddieledford@ellijay.com
Kennel Name: Backwoods Beagles
Bloodlines: Honey Springs Radar, Daddy Rabbit's bloodline, Rush Hollow Maverick & Yellow Creek
Ever have dogs for sale?: I have puppies for sale often and started dogs occasionally
Comments: Contact anytime if nothing more than to talk dogs & rabbit hunting




Name: Brian Joiner
Home Town: Malden
Telephone: 815-643-2568
Website: http://blackdirtbeagles.homestead.com
E-mail: brian_joiner73@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Blackdirt Beagles
Bloodlines: Bramlett
Ever have dogs for sale: 1 or 2 litters per year
Comments: If i can ever be of any help, please call or e-mail.  I will respond promptly.

Name: Gary Brown
Home Town: Salem, Indiana
E-mail: gary.brown@verizon.net
Tel #: 812-883-8832
Kennel Name: Brown's Beagles 4 U
Bloodlines: Deaton's Black Magic, Weinhorst's Dark linesman, Cress's Cruise Control, Honeycamp Uncle Buck
Comments: This is what we have in pups on the ground now.
Ever have dogs for sale?: On and Off

Name: Dan Jaqauy
Home Town: Kendallville, IN
Email: bdjake77@msn.com
Tel #: 260-347-8046
Kennel Name: Skyhook
Bloodlines: Kingwoods/Branko/Pacesetter/Talkabout
Comments: Home of FC Kingwood's Silver Bullet and FTCh Armando's Zachary.  I have not competed in field trials for about 4 years but I still run and hunt all the time.  Dogs should be hunting dogs before they are Field Trial dogs.
Ever have dogs for sale?: 2-3 litters a year and I only keep 15" dogs so I have an occasional 13" dog that I will sell.

Name: Jonathan Cornett
Home Town: Shoals, IN
Email: jwcbunnyrun@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Cornett's Beagles
Bloodlines: Stubby, Ike and Spike, Buzz Bomb
Ever have dogs for sale?: Once or twice per year.

Name: John and Joe Brown
Home Town: Markle, IN
E-mail: halfwaykennels@coolsky.com
Tel #: (260) 758-2340 or (260) 375-4164
Kennel Name: Half Way Kennels
Bloodlines: None
Comments: We have no particular bloodlines that we breed.  We do have some Branko dogs and some Frenchman bloodlines.
Ever have dogs for sale?: usually all year long

Name: Matt O'Neall
Home Town: Bloomfield, In
Telephone: (812) 384-3704
E-mail: moneall@yahoo.com
Kennel name: Windyhill beagels
Bloodlines: none
Ever have dogs for sale? 2-3 times a year
Comments: We don't have registered hounds but our Beagels will run the fur off a rabbit.

Name: Brad Pyrah
Home town: N. Manchester, IN
Telephone: 260-982-6149
Website: Pyrahsbeagles.netfirms.com
E-mail: BDPyrah@Manchester.edu
Kennel name: Pyrah's Eel River Beagles
Bloodlines: Branko, Indian Hills
Ever have dogs for sale: 2 to 5 times a year

Name: Randy Binford
Home town: New Castle,Ind
E-mail: stretch_1955@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: none
Bloodlines: Have none
Ever have dogs for sale?: Somtimes 4 or 5 a year
Comments: I with mostly grade dogs

Name: john a. green
Home town: rushville,in.
Telephone: 765-938-4029
E-mail: jag1@lightbound.com
Kennel Name: greensprings kennel
Bloodlines: northway,sock it too me, branko
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally
Comments: like a med.-fast, hard hunting hound and getting young dogs started

Name: Jim Heasley
Home town: Marion, IN
E-mail: jheasley@bpsinet.com
Kennel Name: Keystone Kennels
Bloodlines: Indian Hills Magor, Stubby, Deer Park Spike, FC R & R Magic, Jack's Iron Mike, + many more...
Ever have dogs for sale?: 1 or 2 litter's a year
Comments: First & foremost I like a good jump dog. A brush buster! Secondly I like to hear a smooth non-stopping race. That s music to my ears. Thirdly I like a dog that enjoys being around me. There are many more traits I like to see in a beagle, but these 3 are the most important to me.

Name: John McIntyre
Home town: Mongo, Indiana
Telephone: 260-367-0172
E-mail: jmtwoscoot@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Pigeon River Kennels
Bloodlines: Junction Hills Skip, Little Nip Otis, Mokie Bear
Ever have dogs for sale?: 1-2 times a year
Comments: I prefer the UBGF style dogs, and I like a hard search and jump characteristic. Also, the Junction Hills Skip bloodlines seem to satisfy my taste of beagle power.

Name: Dennis Hensley
Home town: Heltonville, IN
Telephone: (812) 275-0528
E-mail: Dhensley@insightbb.com
Bloodlines: wier creek

Name: Adam Seger
Home town: Otwell,Indiana
Telephone: 812-893-0941
E-mail: asegercoop@psci.net
Kennel Name: Hilltop Kennels and starting pen
Bloodlines: Ace in the hole, birchlake, yellowcreek, Northway, DFJ, Bluecap
Ever have dogs for sale?: Sometimes
Comments: I like dogs with hunt, brains, very good nose

Name: Ted Zentz
Home town: Plymouth, Indiana
Telephone: 574-936-5118
E-mail: tzentz@kconline.com
Bloodlines: Branko & Indian Hills
Ever have dogs for sale?: couple times a year
Comments: 13" tri-color beagles




Name: Robbie Young
Home Town: Beaver Dam, KY
Email: bigbadhunter4@aol.com
Tel #: (270) 274-5245
Kennel Name:: storm beagles
Bloodlines: lemon/warfied
Comments: rabbit hounds for rabbit hunters!
Ever have dogs for sale?: 2/year

Name: Jamie Hilbert
Home Town: McHenry, Ky
Email: ringo24611@aol.com
Tel #: 270-274-1803 Kennel Name: Kentucky Beagles
Bloodlines: Branko,Otterbrook, and other Canadian lines
Comments: Kentucky Beagles: Home of Champions, Pups and Stud Service

Name: Lynn Perkins
Home Town: Pike County, Kentucky
Tel #: 606-639-6552
Kennel Name: Perkins Runnin'-n-Gunnin'
Bloodlines: Northway & Branko
Comments: ARHA Little Pack Trial & Gun Dogs
Ever have dogs for sale?: most of the time

Name: Dale Davis
Home Town: Guston,  KY
E-mail: crashdavis029@aol.com
Tel #: 502 361-8184
Kennel Name: Davis' Beagles
Bloodlines: I Like beagles with a lot of hunt and jumping ability
Comments: Come and run or hunt any time.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Occasionally

Name: Matt VanHook
Home Town: Lancaster, Ky
E-mail: Beagleyellowcr@aol.com
Bloodlines: Yellow Creek & old Pearson Creek
Comments: Line bred Y.C. pups available in Aug. by FC Browns LA Bluejay X Matt's Yellow creek Bonnie

Name: Ron Cook
Home Town: Murray, Kentucky
E-mail: hilltop@apex.net
Kennel Name: Cook's Hilltop Kennel
Bloodlines: line bred Taylor's Sock It To Me
Comments: just getting into this bloodline. Have had Branko for several years but I find more hunt and line control in this line with good speed and size. It will take me a couple years to really get my foundation laid but will have some good ones for sale from time to time. Honesty and Integrity is my motto.
Psalms 118:24
Ever have dogs for sale?: Usually one or two litters, with some of those for sale, and an occasional running hound.

Name: Tony Allen
Home Town: Salyersvile, KY
E-mail: tonyallen83@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Allen's Frontier Kennels
Bloodlines: Indian Hills Majer Northway Ninja Brinsky's Run em Over Tank
Ever have dogs for sale: occasionally

Name: Danny Padgett
Home town: Rineyville, Kentucky
Telephone: 270 862 3716
Kennel name: Blueball Hill Beagles
Bloodlines: ARHA Little Pack style dogs
Ever have dogs for sale: Almost always have young dogs for sale and sometimes I will have a broke dog for sale.
Comments: also have starting pen 1 acre  and 4 acre pen.    Call me we will go run 'em.

Name: Bob Brown
Home town: Science Hill, KY.
Telephone%3a: 606-423-4669
E-mail: yellowcreekkennels@alltel.net
Kennel name: Yellow Creek Kennels reg.
Bloodlines:  Original Yellow Creek
Comments: Have young started hounds on occassion, and line-bred pups.

Name: Greg Johnson
Home Town: Georgetown, KY
Telephone: 859-621-0667
Website: www.elohims-kennel.com
E-mail: greg.johnson@elohims-kennel.com
Kennel Name: Elohim's Kennel
Bloodlines: Short's Pro, Short's Line Boss, Browns LA
Ever have dogs for sale: Occasionally

Name: Sally McGehee
Home town: Beech Grove, Ky
Telephone: 270-273-3404
Website: http://www.geocities.com/oakhillkennel
E-mail: mcgehee@owensboro.net
Kennel Name: Oak Hill Bluetick Beagles
Bloodlines: Bluetick
Ever have dogs for sale?: monthly
Comments: I have searched all over the south for the best breeding
stock for my kennel. Every hound in my kennel has field
champion blood in its pedigree and all hounds are trained as
gun dogs.

Name: Randy Smith
Home town: Franklin
Telephone: 270-598-7791
E-mail: BOsmith100@aol.com
Kennel Name: Rocking-S-Beagles
Bloodlines: Indian Hills - Shorts line- Keen Cutter Casey
Ever have dogs for sale?: Spring
Comments: have started dogs -broke dogs sometimes reg.-grade

Name: Chris Haley
Home town: Hazard KY
Telephone: 606-436-6501
E-mail: Chaley@peoplepc.com
Kennel Name: Grapevine Kennels
Bloodlines: Blue Back, Northway, Redman, Branko, Buzzbomb, Ninja
Ever have dogs for sale?: Dogs sometimes Puppies 3 to4 time a year
Comments: I have a pup staring pen and trial Arha but love to gun hunt my dogs best of all. I raise line controll blueticks with med to fast speed.

Name: Jeff Martin
Home town: Brodhead, KY
Telephone: 606-758-8414
E-mail: jdmart@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Martin's BeaglesBloodlines: Northway/Branko/Round PoundEver have dogs for sale?: Once Per Year

Name: terry bowling
Home town: taylorsville kentucky
Country: spencer
E-mail: brandy04@elkcreek.net
Bloodlines: nightrain banko
Ever have dogs for sale?: none yet
Comments: you guys do a great job!!

Name: Chris Haley
Home town: Hazard
Telephone: 606-438-7337
Website: www.kentuckymuskie.com
E-mail: Chaley1@alltel.net
Kennel Name: Grapevine Kennels
Bloodlines: Blueback, Branko, Redman, Mavericks ninja, Scroghams, Gay, Northway, Dingus
Ever have dogs for sale?: 3 to 4 time a year
Comments: My dogs are med fast to fast with linecontrol. exelent gun dogs and field trial dogs. my dogs love the gun and thats my favorite way to run them. I also have a 12 acre running pen for pups.



Name: ricky murphy
Home town: boyce louisiana
Telephone: 318 7938806 or 318 8997430
E-mail: hemphillcreekbeagles@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: hemphillcreek
Bloodlines: round pond ranger dan cool runningsonic r all parents aregrand parents of my stud dog hemphillcreeks warlock
Ever have dogs for sale?: 3 or 4 times a year
Comments: im all ways interest in making new rabatt hunting buddies any where but exspecally in the central louisiana area wher i live

Name: Thomas Wilson
Home Town: Fayette,ME
E-mail: thomasw10@verizon.net
Tel #: (207)-212-3060
Kennel Name: Baldwin Hill Beagles
Bloodlines: FC Butler's Striker
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally

Name: Richard Douglass
Home Town: Gray, Maine
E-mail: Rabthunter@aol.com
Kennel Name: AcresWay Beagles
Comments: Love to hunt snowshoes.
Ever have dogs for sale?: once in awhile

Name: Stanley Goom
Home Town: 13 Southgate Rd.  Old Town, Maine
E-mail: stanley.gomm@umit.maine.edu
Tel #: 207 394-2174
Kennel Name: Boomhill
Bloodlines: Striker, Buckshot and One Spot
Comments: Love to meet rabbit hunters and see different bloodlines run in different weather condictions.
Ever have dogs for sale?: once a year.

Name: Ryan Jones
Home town: Norridgewock
Telephone: 207-634-5418
E-mail: zepher_am@yahoo.com
Ever have dogs for sale: once in a while
Comments: Always ready for a good hunt.  Lets hook up!


Name: Harry Warnick
Home Town: Rising Sun,  Md.
E-mail: hunterw326@zoominternet.net
Website: http://risingsunkennels.tripod.com/
Kennel Name: Rising Sun Kennels
Bloodlines: My own, cross out with proven gun dogs.
Comments: I have been in to beagles for 20+ years.  I run in the UKC trial format.
Ever have dogs for sale?: monthly.

Name: Dave Kestler
Home Town: Port Deposit , Maryland
E-mail: davekestler@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: Rock Run Beagles
Ever have dogs for sale?: Seldom

Name: Tim Schreiber
Home town: Denton, Maryland
Telephone: 1-410-479-5517
E-mail: tas@dmv.com
Kennel Name: Piney Branch Kennels
Bloodlines: Greenwoods Blue Creek Bear, Tiny Bull
Ever have dogs for sale?: Always

Name: Jason Washington
Home town: Baltimore, Maryland
Telephone: 410-485-0884
Website: http://jason_beagles.tripod.com
E-mail: jason_beagles@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: Jason's Beagles
Bloodlines: Woodpont, FC Indian Hills Majer, FC New City Cruiser, CH Shaw's Spirit of Chase & Northway
Ever have dogs for sale?: Sometime

Name: Ramon J Thompson
Home town: Annapolis, MD
Telephone: (301)535-7067
Website: www.hurricane-beagles.com
E-mail: ramon@hurricane-beagles.com
Kennel Name: Hurricane Beagles
Bloodlines: Little Man, Piney/Blue Creek/Cocoa Bear, Stubby, K-Buck
Ever have dogs for sale?: Once a year!
Comments: Hard Hunting, Medium Speed, Line Running Dogs.



Name: Art Lesperance & Joyce Wilbur
Home Town: Easton, Massachusetts
E-mail: joycelisajoe@aol.com
Tel #: 508-238-6170
Kennel Name: Clover Valley Beagles
Bloodlines: Clover Valley
Comments: Breeder of Beagles for over 25 years. Active member of Beagle Clubs and field trials.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Yes, e-mail for more infomation.

name: Ray & Marcia Guay
home town: Swansea, MA.
telephone: 508 677 4479
website: http://community-2.webtv.net/MGuay/HOCKAMOCKSWAMP
e-mail: MGuay@webtv.net
kennel name: Hockomock Swamp Beagles
bloodlines: Champion Gundog Blood; Bad Jack, Tiny Bull, Black Bob
ever have dogs for sale: Pups usually available,started & trained dogs occasionally
comments: We are a husband & wife hobby kennel breeding for good health, temperment, & ability. We afford our dogs just about all of our time & energy- trying to develop rabbit hounds.


Name: Dave Martin
Email: buschboundbeagles@msn.com
Home Town: Ironwood Michigan
Kennel Name: Busch Bound Beagles
Web Site: Not active as of now
Preferred Bloodlines: Colby Hill, Branko & Birch Lake
Additional Comments: Live in the most western part of the U.P. of Michigan and enjoy attend Large Pack Hare field trials and hit the brush a lot to do some hare hunting... Most of all- spending time with fun folks and good hounds...

Name: Skip Ray
Home Town: Swartz Creek, Michigan
Email: skipray@prodigy.net
Tel #: 810-635-3646
Bloodlines: Branko's Jack of all Trades
Comments: I enjoy hunting and field trialing. The majority of my trialing is in ARHA

Name: Dan McRae
Home Town: Ironwood
Email: mcrae_dan@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: McRae's Beagles
Bloodlines: Branko, Birch Lake, Colby Hill
Comments: Home of FC Carli's Rock Hard Bone
Ever have dogs for sale?: Periodically

Name: Steve Laux
Home Town: Chassell
Email: Slaux@up.net
Kennel Name: Blueberry Knoll
Bloodlines: Townlines Johnny Paycheck, Dom's Dougie, Beaver Pond Beaver, Texas T, Branko.
Comments: Started in beagling as most people, as a hunter which I still am today, also enjoy the competition and camaraderie of LPH and the occasional SPO trial. Ever have dogs for sale?: Usually breed one or two litters a year.

Name: Kurt Robinson
Home Town: Newberry, MI
Email: klrconcrete@hotmail.com
Tel #: 906 293 5223
Kennel Name: Snowbound
Bloodlines: Muskie Lake, Colby Hill, Branko's Magic Touch
Comments: Love to run and gun spend up to 30 hours a week in the bush with my hounds (when the boss allows it!)
Ever have dogs for sale?: time to time

Name: Jeff Goff
Home Town: Dimondale,Ml
Email: wapejO1@aol.com
Tel #: (517) 646-8140
Kennel Name: Wapejo Beagles
Bloodlines: Jigs-Bobby-Dingus-Branko-Birchlake & Mountaineer King
Comments: I started in Beagling as a hunter but like to run and listen to the dogs. I enjoy the competition and camaraderie of LPH trials especially in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I also compete in a few SPO trials.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Usually breed one or two litters a year and occasionally have a started dog for sale.

Name: John Quigley
Home Town: Gwinn, MI
Email: half-way-creek@chartermi.net
Tel #: 906-346-3863
Kennel Name: Half-Way Creek
Bloodlines: Northern Michigan And Eastern Large pack on Hare Bloodlines with a little old fashion cottontail
Ever have dogs for sale?: three litters a year

Name: Michael Downs
Home Town: Allen Park, Michigan
E-mail: Med_trails@hotmail.com
Tel #: 313-727-0580
Kennel Name: Give Em All V
Bloodlines: Branko, Townlines, Colby Hill
Comments: Love to rabbit hunt and run ARHA trials. I like dogs that hunt hard all day, and bring the rabbit back to the gun no matter how fast or pretty.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Most of the time

Name: Rob McCoy
Home Town: Dearbon Hgts. MI
E-mail: mccoyr@resa.net
Tel #: (313) 706-1366
Kennel Name: Gunrunners
Bloodlines: Paycheck, Branko
Comments: I enjoy hunting and field trialing. Mostly in ARHA.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Usually have a started dog or two for sale.

Name: George & Ruth Pirman
Home Town: Montrose, MI
E-mail: wayback@centurytel.net
Tel #: 810 639-7776 or 810 691-7502
Kennel Name: Wayback Kennel
Bloodlines: AKC registered Hunting Beagles
Comments: We Start, Condition, and Handle Beagles in AKC Small Pack Option Competition. Call for prices & details
Ever have dogs for sale?: A few each year

Name: Nathan Hanna
Home Town: Fremont, MI
E-mail: hanna@ncats.net
Tel #: (231) 924-5113
Comments: I'm just a rabbit hunter who loves beagles and rabbit hunting.

Name: Kris Smith
Home town: Morrice, MI
Telephone: 517-625-5545
E-mail: ksmith@vernonagency.com
Bloodlines: Branko, Birch Lake
Ever have dogs for sale: Once in a while
Comments: I'm a rabbit hunter who likes to hunt and is trying to get introduced to the trialing world.  Love to hunt with new folks.  Drop me an e-mail to set something up.

Name: Rob Fetting
Home town: Caro, Michigan
Website: http://kaykyle1.tripod.com/
E-mail: beagler@centurytel.net
Kennel Name: Fetting's Beagles
Bloodlines: Dailey's Driffter, Sudduth's Mississippi Homer
Ever have dogs for sale?: 3-4 times per year
Comments: I enjoy all aspects of beagling especially the hunting part. I also enjoy trialing (ARHA Progressive Pack), running dogs with my good buddies, and raising and selling a few good pups.



Name: Jimmy J. Robinson
Home Town: Brookhaven , Mississippi
Email: bunnychaser5@msn.com
Kennel Name:: J & D Kennels
Have dogs for sale maybe once a year.

Name: Johnny Crow
Home Town: Yazoo City, MS
E-mail: ryan@tecinfo.com
Tel #: 662-746-8115 night
Kennel Name: Cedar Hill Kennels
Bloodlines: Indian Hills, and Branko
Comments: I enjoy the sport of Beagling and just to hear them run. I also enjoy the sport of hunting rabbits and offer hunts in some excellant running grounds.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Started and unstarted pups available year round

Name: Harvey Cain
Home Town: Saucier, MI
E-mail: HarveyC@sl-tech.net
Kennel Name: Paw  Paw's Kennel
Bloodline: Satsuma
Ever have dogs for sale?  Pups for sale on even years. 2004, 2006 ect..
Comments: I know that color don't make the dog, but I know what I like.  I love the looks and ability of the lemon and white and red and white Satsuma hounds in my pack.

Name: Josh Bennett
Home town: Amory, MS
E-mail: rabbitman06@hotmail.com
Bloodlines: Blue Tick and Yellow Creek

Name: tony johnson
Home town: oxford ms
E-mail: tonyjohnson@walla.com
Ever have dogs for sale?: hardley ever

Name: Buell Johnson
Home town: Riverdale, MI
Telephone: (989) 833-7839
Kennel Name: Shoreacres Kennels
Bloodlines: Shaker/ Ranger Dan/ Striker/ Speedy Sport
Ever have dogs for sale?: Summer and Fall pups

Name: Tony Holeman Jr
Home town: Florence, MS
Telephone: 601-503-0276
Website: www.geocities.com/holemanfarms
E-mail: holemanfarms@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Holeman Farms
Bloodlines: N/A
Ever have dogs for sale?: N/A
Comments: Always looking for new places to hunt and new people to hunt with. Feel free to contact me about setting up a hunt/hunts!


Name: Eric Howard
Home Town: Clearmont, Missouri
E-mail: horsemajor10@hotmail.com
Website: none Tel #: (660) 729-4410
Kennel Name: Howard's Beagles
Bloodlines: GunSmooke
Comments: I love the sound of the beagles chasing a rabbit. The Beagles barking are music to my ears.
Ever have dogs for sale?: 2-3 times a year

Name:Jamie Sifford
home town: Dexter, Missouri
telephone: 573 934 2347
e-mail: siff32@hotmail.com
kennel name: hound dawgs
bloodlines: Dingus Mcrae/Gay-Baker
comments: Looking for a new pup to start over the next year akc with nicely bred somwhat close to the lines or similar

Name: Bryan and Jake Waddle
Home town: Laplata, Missouri
Telephone: 660-332-7878
E-mail: bwaddle@truman.edu
Kennel Name: Waddle and Son Kennel
Bloodlines: Really anything that can run a rabbit right and no deer!
Ever have dogs for sale?: Most of the time
Comments: My son and myself really enjoy a HARD hunting dog with lots of mouth in the right spot.

Name: Nick Wright
Home town: Nevada, MO
Website: http://www.geocities.com/ozarksnick
E-mail: ozarksnick@yahoo.com
Comments: Rabbit hunting and crappie fishing is what I like!



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