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Name: Chris Miller
Email: mail@milleroutdoors.com
Home Town: Dummer
Kennel Name: Miller Outdoors :: Guide Service & Registered Beagles
Web Site: http://www.milleroutdoors.com/
Preferred Bloodlines: Many
Additional Comments: Live in northern NH and guide hare hunters in NH.  Also raise and train gundog Beagles.

Name: Lyn Ricker
Home town: North Haverhill
Telephone: 603-787-2254
Website: http://www.geocities.com/samlyn0001/index.html
E-mail: samlyn@surfglobal.net
Kennel Name: Ridge Runner Beagles
Bloodlines: Branko and Oakhillblue
Ever have dogs for sale?: quarterly

Name: Adam Dubriske
Home town: Keene
E-mail: MonadModular@prexar.com



Name: Van Banks
Home Town: Allentown, New Jersey
E-mail: Northbank33@hotmail.com
Tel #: 609 208 0910
Kennel Name: Northbank Beagles
Bloodlines: Yellow Creek, Flat Creek, and Northway
Comments: I concentrate on the Yellow Creek and Flat Creek blood lines. My stud, Northbank's Ranger, is closely line bred to Wright's Shake with Flat Creek Blake on top and Flat Creek Danny on bottom.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Summer and Fall




Name: Mark Trudell
Home Town: Williamstown, NY
Email: trudy1024@msn.com
Tel #: (315)964-2962
Kennel Name: Mr Stubs/Maple Hill
Bloodlines: Maravic, Fish Creek
Comments: Member of Sandy Creek BC
Ever have dogs for sale?: Every so often

Name: Donald F. Wood
Home Town: Phoenix, New York
Email: dwood009@twcny.rr.com
Tel #: 315-695-3036
Kennel Name: Smokey Hollow Kennels
Bloodlines: IFC Sullivan's Sherlock Holmes, FTC Rojean Rebel
Comments: Home of IFC Sullivan's Sherlock Holmes BB High Hound for 2001 Please no phone calls after 9:00pm
Ever have dogs for sale?: References for pups

Name: Carl  Post
Home Town: Newburgh, NY
Telephone: 845-568-5622
E-mail: cposr@hvc.rr.com

name: Mark Betts
home town: Earlville, NY
telephone: 315-691-GOES
e-mail: goes@citlink.net
kennel name: Goes beagles
ever have dogs for sale?: twice a year

Name: Joe Valone
Home town: Batavia, NY
Telephone: 5853443274
Website: The Southside Whitetail Club
E-mail: jjvalone@2ki.net
Kennel Name: Double J's Gundawgs
Ever have dogs for sale?: Nope - only give them away to homes I know will love them & hunt them!!
Comments: Just love the little hounds with the big heart.
Remember! "Your not fully dressed unless your wearing a Smile"

Name: Sean Bickford
Home town: Hudson Falls, NY
Telephone: 518-747-7255
E-mail: foothillskennels@adelphia.net
Kennel Name: Foothills Kennels
Bloodlines: Granppy-Ranger Dan
Ever have dogs for sale?: once in a while
Comments: Secretary for the Adirondack Beagle Club and the Ny state hare club association. Love running dogs!



Name: Larry Gower
Home Town: Youngsville, North Carolina
Website: none
Tel #: 919/554/0357
Kennel Name: Little River Beagles
Bloodlines: Lizzard Creek Tadpole AND Coleman's Line Controller
Comments: I like 2 couple pack trials,rabbit hunting and training puppies
Ever have dogs for sale?: I have started dogs & puppies once or twice a year

Name: Tim Anderson
Home Town: Millers Creek, NC
E-mail: TMA3685@aol.com
Tel #: 336-667-4209
Kennel Name: A & A Beagles
Bloodlines: Uncle Buck-Dark Linesman-Playboy
Comments: I love to hunt and trial.  That is the best of both worlds. Beautiful dogs singing that song.  Music to my ears.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Twice a year - usually

Name: Darrin Glenn
Home Town: Western, NC
E-mail: mtmitchellgundogs@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: Mt. Mitchell Gundogs
Bloodlines: Luci Van Little Man, Deer Park Spike, Buzz Bomb
Comments: web site addy: http://triplejbeagles.tripod.com
Ever have dogs for sale?: Pup or two on occasion

Name: John Patrick
Home Town: The Sandhills of NC
E-mail: mtcur@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: Longhunter's Beagles
Bloodlines: Strickland
Comments: In it for the sounds of the race, rabbits, and the outdoors. Might try competition one day.
Ever have dogs for sale?: once or twice a year

Name: Ronnie O. Albertson
Home Town: South Mills N.C.
E-mail: keeterbarn@earthlink.net
Bloodlines: Gunsmoke Blueticks
Comments: We run ARHA little pack and gun hunt, also have the local dealership for Blackgold dog feed and Innoteck training collars. In my spare time I raise Blue Ridge cotton tails for breaking pups.
Ever have dogs for sale?: I raise one litter per year and keep two of them for myself.

Name: Brice McGlamery
Home Town: Morganton, NC
Telephonea: 828-433-8296
E-mail: bricemcglamery@msn.com
Kennel name: Mac's Kennel
Bloodlines: Weir Creek,Little Ireland Flat Creek Josh
Ever have dogs for sale?  I raise 3 to 4 litters each year
Comments: I am a rabbit hunter and raise several puppies and also i run in ARHA in the Progressive Pack Div. I also have a 5 acre traing pen and have at stud Mac's Boggy Holler Duey and Mac' Little Irleand Mickey. My hounds are on the top side of medium and have plenty of hunt in them.

Name: Tim Pearson
Home town: Kings Mtn.,NC
Telephone: 704-734-0316
Website: www.persimmoncreekbeagles.homestead.com
E-mail: tpearson1@carolina.rr.com
Kennel Name: Persimmon Creek Beagles
Bloodlines: SkullFork/Blackcreek
Ever have dogs for sale?: Once or twice per year
Comments: I raise 1 or 2 litters a yr. Usually raise and start most of
the litter unless someone is wanting a couple. Been in this
bloodline for about 15 yrs.

Name: Robert Bowers
Home town: Kannapolis, NC
Telephone: 704-932-2404
Kennel Name: K-TOWNS
Bloodlines: K-BUCK
Ever have dogs for sale?: one or two times a year
Comments: Looking for two BEAGLES about 15 months old running good

Name: John Ballenger
Home town: Shelby N.C.
Telephone: 704-487-0463
E-mail: jballen5@bellsouth.net
Kennel Name: Broad River Kennels
Bloodlines: unsure
Ever have dogs for sale?: once a year
Comments: I am a beginner with beagles I have coon hunted 20 years




Name: Muggs
Home Town: Cortland, Ohio
Email: mmfastrabbitdog@aol.com
Website: none
Tel #:: 330 924 42312
Kennel Name: m m run to catch rabbit dogs
Additional comments: After a good days hunt I like my dog to be bleeding from hunting the briars.

Name: Jim Howell
Home Town: Kingsville, Ohio
Email: jdhowell@adelphia.net
Website: http://www.geocities.com/thebeagler2003
Tel #:(440) 224-0025
Kennel Name: Easy Goin
Ever have dogs for sale?: A couple times per year.

Name: John and Alice Miller
Home Town: Sardinia, OH
Email: rr4676@dragonbbs.com
Kennel Name: Five Points
Branko, Pacesetter,Taylor's sock it to me, Bryant's Crying lines
Comments: I run ARHA LP in S.W. Ohio.  I helped start Brown County Beagle and I'm vice pres.  I love to run dogs and meet other beagler.

Name: Mark Griswold
Home Town: Rome Ohio
E-mail: houndsman2000@yahoo.com
Tel #: (440) 563-3268
Kennel Name: Grand Valley Beagles
Bloodlines: Stubby, Tiny Bull, Star-R, Bull Gator, Ziggy, Hank Williams, ect.
Comments: UBGF style hounds SPO I am a rabbit hunter and I also trial.
Ever have dogs for sale?: call or e-mail on pups, started dogs and adult dogs.

Name: Mike Eberle
Home Town: Lima, Ohio
E-mail: hammerenpatch@yahoo.com
Tel #: 419-224-9767
Kennel Name: hammerenpatch
Bloodlines: Patch
Comments: I don't keep alot of hound's because I hunt what I keep
Ever have dogs for sale?: not very often

Name: Kenneth R Drain
Home Town: Saybrook, Ohio
E-mail: grizzlybear436@yahoo.com
Tel #: 440-969-1099
Kennel Name: Mountain Right Kennel
Bloodlines: Branko, Sugardog, Mountain Right  Dogs
Comments: I rabbit hunt and just plain like to run dogs.I've recently started entering trials.
Ever have dogs for sale?: 2-3 times a year

Name: Ken Johnston
Home Town: Pierpont, OH
E-mail: kjohns18@excite.com
Tel #: 440-577-9735
Bloodlines: Branko
Comments: I love running the beagles and occasionally go out hunting.  Anyone interested in running with me, drop me an e-mail.

Name: Russell A Rice
Home town: Latham, Ohio
E-mail: arrowhead45646@yahoo.com
Kennel name: Arrowhead Kennel
Bloodlines: Gratiot County Andy

Name: Joe and Joey Larko
Home town: Ashtabula, Ohio
Telephone: (440) 224-0854
Website: www.geocities.com/jlarko420/jjkennels.html
E-mail: larko420@hotmail.com Or jlarko@adelphia.net
Kennel Name: J&J Kennels
Bloodlines: Redtick,Bluetick,Tri Color, Lemon&White,Black&Tan
Ever have dogs for sale?: A couple times a year

Name: Tom Stonerock
Home town: New Matamoras, Ohio
Telephone: jo-bob-villa@msn.com
E-mail: jo-bob-villa@msn.com
Kennel Name: Stoney Creek Beagles
Bloodlines: SPO type hounds blueticks hank jojo blue, hidden valley
blue chip & ralph ,greenwood blue creek bear,buzz bomb
Ever have dogs for sale?: couple times a year
Comments: good hunting

Name: Stan Highley
Home town: Lancaster, Ohio
Website: http://www.tuffluckkennels.bravehost.com
E-mail: stanimals2@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Tuff Luck Kennels
Bloodlines: AKC, UKC, Grade
Ever have dogs for sale?: 1 to 2 times a year

Name: Tyler Brown
Home town: Oak Hill, Ohio
Telephone: 740-682-7050
Kennel Name: Brown's Beagles
Bloodlines: paycheck/schnapps/sock it to me/grannpy
Ever have dogs for sale?: once a month
Comments: I run lp style dogs. Anybody can come down here and run with me.

Name: Steve Cellar
Home town: Ashland, Ohio
Telephone: (419) 207-9069
Website: www.redbriarkennels.com
E-mail: redbriarkennels@zoominternet.net
Kennel Name: Red Briar Kennels
Bloodlines: 13" tri-colored med- fast / Tank, Dailey's
Ever have dogs for sale?: once a year

Name: Pete Studer
Home town: Logan
E-mail: pmls95@ohiohills.com
Kennel Name: Bring'Em Round Beagle Kennels
Bloodlines: Branko
Ever have dogs for sale?: Most of the time
Comments: I run fast speed dogs that got one thing on their mind find a rabbit, and drive him as fast as possible. I run Little Pack style dogs.





Name: Chris Hornick
Home Town: No. Cambria,  PA
E-mail: chornick1@forspeed.com
Tel #: 814-948-5678
Kennel Name: Cymbrian Beagles
Bloodlines: Patch
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally

Name: Joel Kennedy
Home town: New Castle
Website: http://www.bigmeadowsbeagles.com
Kennel Name: Big Meadows Beagles
Ever have dogs for sale?: Couple of time a year



Name: Daryl Jamieson
Home Town: Woonsocket, RI
E-mail: Pocassettc@hotmail.com
Tel #: 401-356-1174
Kennel Name: None
Bloodlines: Fastline, Srangers,Clover Valley
Comments: Hare & Cottontail Dogs will start dogs.
Ever have dogs for sale?: 1-2 times per year



Name: Lynn Gilmer
Home town: Spartanburg, SC
Telephone: 864 578-0181
E-mail: rimshot120@charter.net
Bloodlines: Gay
Ever have dogs for sale?: Pups
Comments: Training pups is a hobby

Name: David H. DeWitt
Home town: Timmonsville
Kennel Name: Rightline Kennels
Bloodlines: Shorts Pro, Controller,Clovis, Dans H & H
Ever have dogs for sale?: whenever we cut field trial from gun dog

Name: Ray Barnwell
Home town: York, SC
Telephone: 803-628-0974
E-mail: ray.barnwell@yorkcountygov.com
Bloodlines: FC Flat Lands Smokey
Ever have dogs for sale?: 1 or 2 times a year
Comments: new 7 ac. running pen, still working on inside of it




Name: Chris
Home Town: Atoka, TN
Email: cmb105105@aol.com
Tel #: 901-837-2357
Bloodlines: Anything tri-colored or bluetick
Comments: Looking for a good 1-5 yr. old female.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Not often

Name: James Handy
Home town: Lyles, TN
Telephone: 931-670-3761
E-mail: james_handy@hotmail.com
Kennel name: Lick Creek kennels
Ever have dogs for sale: puppies often

Name: William Webster
Home town: Ripley,tn
E-mail: williamwebster6@netzero.net
Kennel Name: Hurricane Hill Kennels
Bloodlines: Weir Creek
Ever have dogs for sale?: Two to three litters per year.

Name: James Holbrook
Home town: Crossville, Tennessee
Website: www.geocities.com/hawkshawkennels/
E-mail: jrtjholbrook@frontiernet.net
Kennel Name: Hawkshaw Kennels
Bloodlines: IFC Taylor's Sock it to me
Ever have dogs for sale?: Not often, but usually know where dogs or pups are for sale out of this bloodline.
Comments: We run dog's that have been linebred out of IFC Taylor's Sock it to me. Hard hunting beagles that are a joy to take rabbit hunting

Name: Kent Smith
Home town: Red Boiling Springs ,Tennessee
E-mail: beagle1@nctc.com
Kennel Name: Bennett Hill Kennel
Bloodlines: Northway, Sock It To Me, Branko
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally

Name: James "Heavy" Lanius
Home town: Mt. Pleasant, TN
E-mail: heavys@cpws.net
Kennel Name: High Hopes Hounds
Bloodlines: Skull fork, Black creek, Weir creek & Branko
Ever have dogs for sale?: once in a while
Comments: I breed only to keep my bloodlines, once in a while I have a pup for sale if the litter was large



Name: Chad & Denise Moore
Home town: Livingston , Texas
Country: U.S.A.
Telephone: 936-646-3278
E-mail: cajunmeadows2@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Cajun Meadows
Bloodlines: Black Creek --- Satsuma
Ever have dogs for sale?: Usually have a litter or one on the way
Comments: Also have started dogs up to 15 months old at times

Name: Tommy Griffin
Home town: Honey Island Tx.
Telephone: 409-246-2970
E-mail: hillbillyt@earthlink.net
Kennel Name: Cypress Creek Kennel's
Bloodlines: Black Creek & Gay Baker
Ever have dogs for sale?: pup's and young dogs for sale at times

Name: Kevin Alexander
Home town: Ledbetter , TX
Telephone: (979) 278-3418
E-mail: Aw734@wm.connect.com
Kennel Name: Alexander Kennel
Bloodlines: Open to bloodlines I breed to obtain the style I like.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Two or three times a year.



Name: Brad Smoot
Home Town: Orem UT
E-mail: trapperutah115@yahoo.com
Tel #: 801-426-9485
Kennel Name: Oak Haven



Name: Ed Brown
Home Town: Waterbury Center, VT
Email: Harehunter@aol.com
Tel #: 802-244-8507
Kennel Name: Hunger Mt. Kennels
Bloodlines: Branko-Mr. T-Grannpy
Comments: Love hare hunting in Northern states. Finished a 15" male last year. Exciting venture.
Ever have dogs for sale?: Each spring

Name: Pete Richardson
Home Town: North Troy, VT
Email: kimnpete@together.net
Tel #: 802-744-6174
Kennel Name: Marble Mtn Treeing Walkers
Bloodlines: mixed
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally

Name: Barbara Gray Warden (beagle7)
Home Town: Barnet, VT
Email: beagle7@sover.net
Tel #: (802) 633-2325
Kennel Name: Warden Pond
Bloodlines: I'm Alone, Sonnie, Scottie Bonnie Bea, Green Mtn.
Comments: I enjoy beagling and trials.  Very Active in Vermont Beagle Club.  Have had 1 FC.  Good luck in raising pups!
Ever have dogs for sale?: Hardly ever.

Name: Joel Perrigo
Home town: Barre
Telephone: 802-476-4579
E-mail: joel.perrigo@state.vt.us
Bloodlines: Log Cabin, Branko, Briarpatch, Hunger MT
Comments: I'm just starting out in the beagling world. I have become hooked. I currently have 2 beagles but would expect more in the future!!!




Name: Nate Johnson
Home Town: Richmond, VA
Email: Bigjonkennels@aol.com
Tel #: 804-747-9017
Kennel Name: Big Johnson's Kennel
Bloodlines: Merle Crain's "original" HH hounds, some Branko
Comments: I like fast, hard driving hounds. If they can't smell the track here, they must go where they can smell it.  I also compete in the NKC/ARHA Little Pack Division.  I love hard hitting, fast red dogs.
Ever have dogs for sale?: once or twice a year

Name: Thomas J. Lester
Home town: Sumerduck,VA
Telephone: 540-439-0977
E-mail: ShooterTJ@aol.com
Bloodlines: Branko
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally

Name: Randy Pinkleton
Home town: Petersburg, Virginia
E-mail: drpinkvei@aol.com
Bloodlines: various but a fair amount of Short's blood
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally
Comments: I used to hunt fast dogs but switched to medium fast (long
story). My dogs now are considerably faster than AKC SPO
(with a little less control) but slower and more controlled
than ARHA Little Pack. I usually keep about 18 dogs at a
time (enough for two packs). I have one or two grade dogs, but most are
AKC, with fairly strong blood lines.

Name: Gregg & Kim Thompson
Home town: Suffolk, VA
Telephone: 757-986-2415
Website: http://BB_BeaglesnLabs.expage.com/
E-mail: bubbabearsbeaglesandlabs@yahoo.com
Kennel Name: Bubba Bears Beaglea and Labs
Bloodlines: Northway / Branko

Name: Carl S Bulger
Home town: Prince George Va
Telephone: 804-541-1984
E-mail: crbulger@hotmail.com
Kennel Name: C & S Blurock Kennel's
Bloodlines: Blurock,Little Johnny Blue,
Ever have dogs for sale?: occasionally

Name: Tony Pace
Home town: Ruckersville,Va
Telephone: 434-985-7722(day)434-985-3723(night)
E-mail: nmeadows@nexet.net
Kennel Name: steady pace kennel
Bloodlines: shake,littleman,gay and a touch of (branko&dingus macrae)
Ever have dogs for sale?: often
Comments: I try to breed for a dog that hunts(first) and trials(second)




Name: Frank Chapman
Home Town: Leon, WV
E-mail: vitalsigns@juno.com
Kennel Name: ShadeTree Beagles
Ever have dogs for sale?: once per year

Name: Mick & Karen Lucas
Home Town: Greenville,WV
E-mail: ome01967@mail.wvnet.edu
Website: http://www.fortunecity.com/marina/tributary/2347/index.htm
Kennel Name: Indian Creek Kennel
Bloodlines: DelRay Stubby, Poison Pete, Albert Jackson, Rob's Diamond
Comments: We raise and train AKC reg. beagles. Bred for head down,line control with medium speed.
Ever have dogs for sale?: once or twice per year.

Name: Mike Smith
Home town: Ottawa, WV
E-mail: msmith@pandaengineers.com
Kennel Name: Spruce Fk. Kennels
Bloodlines: Mark V, Sock it to me, and Branko
Ever have dogs for sale?: once or twice  a yr.
Comments: I run ARHA LP and like a hard hitting line control hound.  I'm a gun hunter that field trials in the spring and early fall.

Name: Daniel Clark
Home town: Liberty, WV
E-mail: CottonTails4Life
Kennel Name: RT 34 High Steppin Beagle Kennels
Bloodlines: Coppernose
Ever have dogs for sale?: Not very often.
Comments: I have 2 bloodlines,Yellow Creek an Patch,an Coppernose.I only have 2 Coppernose dogs, litter mates at 10 months old, male an female. I need 2 more Coppernose dogs,male and female to get me a good Coppernose bloodline.If anyone knows where 2 Coppernose pups or even young started dogs are e-mail me.I would truly appreciate it.People say,there isn't to many (good) Coppernose dogs,but I have to say, that the 2 I have are with out a doubt, the best pair of beagles I have ever owned, an I would love to have them for years to come.



Name: Jim Palfrey
Home town: Evansville, Wisconsin
E-mail: papajimm@hotmail.com
Bloodlines: Brown's LA, Smith's Barney, Thorn Gap
Ever have dogs for sale?: Seldom
Comments: Usually give pups to young hunters that we start into rabbit hunting.


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