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Bill Braddock
2909 S.W. 52nd Place
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119


I would like to introduce myself. I am Bill Braddock and I live in Oklahoma City. I am an Animal Nutritionist, beagle owner and rabbit hunter. I was born in N.E. Kansas. This is where I had my first beginnings in rabbit hunting, as well as pheasant hunting. I spent many happy days beating the bushes with my dad.  A short time later, I moved to my fathers home town in N.E. Arkansas to live for a time with my great uncle in the Mississippi delta. Not to far from my friend, Bill Bennett (author of Better Basics, `Training the Hunting Beagle'). I learned to hunt rabbit and coon with hounds. Although our hounds were grade dogs, they didn't lack in know how. The Uncle wouldn't have a hound that wouldn't hunt. As I had always been interested in hounds and all other livestock, when I went to university, I majored in Animal Nutrition. I  have been published several times in research periodicals, written for the academic community. Now I realize there's not much difference in feeding hounds as there is horses, `Everyone has their own ideas of what they like and prefer to feed. It is not my intension to change minds but to present a base of knowledge to help in understanding the nutritional needs of our hounds and how to meet these needs in the most economical way. I am always glad to answer any questions you may have. Or for that matter, talk about anything concerning beagles, hunting and all related subjects. At present I am preparing to take the test for the Oklahoma Hunters Safety Instructors Certificate. I am married to a loving and very "Patient" wife and homeschool a beautiful 9 yr. old girl. I look forward to hearing from you all.

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