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David Lockard
1956 Milton Grove Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552-8646
Phone 717.653.1008


David is a member of Outdoor Writers Association of America; writing freelance articles for various magazines and a local newspaper.  He has an interest in all things outdoors and has recently lost his hunting buddy (his dog) due to old age.  He has been remodeling the dog house and kennel in preperation for it's new occupant.  Their are several Beagle clubs in his area, which could be a source of stories for your reading pleasure.

"On my first hunt at the age of 12, I shot a cotton tail rabbit which my dog flushed from a fencerow behind my house. That evening a picture of the rabbit, my dog, and I, appeared on the front page of my hometown newspaper. That was the beginning of a life long love of hunting.

I have fond memories of our annual Thanksgiving Day hunt, when relatives would come to our house and we would go rabbit hunting after the noon meal. My grandfather breed excellent beagles on his farm and my Uncle and Dad also had a couple of beagles as well.

From this hunting tradition, I learned to appreciate the outdoors and love sharing it with my friends. My Grandfather and Uncle are gone now. It is good to remember the past but it is good to welcome new memories also. I am not an expert in the field of rabbit hunting but I have learned to asking questions of those who know more than I. If you love hunting, I invite you to join me in my adventures in hunting and learning. Life is more than past memories it is also about new ones that have not yet, been made. My hope is, that together you and I, can create new memories just as our creator intended. Memories and stories that will last for years, memories that will inspire and show each other how to make even better ones. It is these old and new memories that I hope to communicate in the stories that I write."

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