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Harvey Cain
17379 C.J. Dellie Rd.
Saucier, Mississippi  39574


Harvey Cain :: Field Writer for RabbitHuntingOnline.com
Harvey Cain :: Field Writer for RabbitHuntingOnline.com
Harvey with his grandaughter Lacey, and his hounds
Harvey's new pen; his granddaughter Lacey and him.

After 25 years of service, Harvey retired from the USAF as a CMsgt.  During one tour of duty he was assigned as a Tech Writer for a Career Development Course.  This was some dry stuff, but the experience let him know that writing is a lot harder than it looks.  "I can only hope that writing about a subject that is near and dear to my heart may be fun and easy."  He has always enjoyed rabbit hunting and as a youngster can remember many exciting times with his brother and his pack of bunny chasers.  During his service years, his hunting was limited to when he could get back home to Mississippi to hunt with his brother.  He has raised and trained many Beagles over the last 20 years.  After his retirement in 1992, he has been able to make his beagles an important part of his life.  "You can quote me when I say, Every man needs a pack of beagles and a beautiful grandaughter to make his life complete."

Harvey has been married to his wonderful wife Marsha for over 33 years, and has three grown children.

Harvey Cain :: Field Writer for RabbitHuntingOnline.com
Harvey's granddaughter and 9 mo. old Cowboy

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