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This page: postings from Jan, 2004 to October, 2004.

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Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Name: ronnie willis
Address: imlay city mich
E-mail: golfpro1945@hotmail.com
friendship. in beagling have a good dog some one to help me run .go to a few shows and hunts

i am 59yrs old have a trake for cancer can do my share but takes me longer

Listed 10/04

Name: Jackie Branstetter
Address: Sunbright, Tennessee
E-mail: jbranstetter@highland.net
Rabbit, Squirrel, Deer, and Turkey hunts NO lodging, A good hunting trip with christan people. Pronghorn, elk, couger, bear,deer and turkey hunts anywhere Listed 10/04
Name: Zachary
Address: Columbia, MO
E-mail: zkwhite@ktis.net
Hunting with two good rabbit dogs The land to run

To have land and someone to run and hunt rabbits with.

Listed 10/04

Name: daniel white
Address: wedowee, Alabama
Phone: 256-419-1018
E-mail: KodiakkillaDW@aol.com
deer hunting, coon hunting, or just whatever you could think of maybe some good, thick rabbit country and someone to hunt it with me and my beagles. within a 50 mile radius

it has to be your land, and you have to be there before i hunt it at any time

Listed 10/04

Name: john e johnson
Address: houston tx
Country: ft bend
Phone: 832 797 3177
E-mail: paducahorleans@aol.com


Listed 10/04

Name: Jacob
Address: cridersville ohio
Phone: 419-645-6161
E-mail: gallegos_05@hotmail.com
I have 2 beagles that will run rabbit all day from dusk till dawn...We just need some good land that has plenty of rabbit. Permission to hunt on good land

We are just looking for someone with good rabbit hunting land and also if you have dogs we would love to run with you.

Listed 10/04

Name: Allen Garner
Address: Texarkana TX
E-mail: balleng78@msn.com
Good hunting friend. Some of the best rabbit dogs you've ever hunted with! Dogs will NOT run deer. Land with rabbits.

We're ready when you are.

Listed 10/04

Name: Jim Heasley
Address: Marion, IN
Phone: 765-674-3791
E-mail: jheasley@bpsinet.com
I m willing to provide the following:

1) CANADIAN GOOSE HUNT in cute grain fields in North Central Indiana.

2) COTTONTAIL RABBIT HUNT over my dogs or you re in North Central Indiana. My dogs are medium, to a good medium speed. I have very good beagle bloodlines, and all the dogs I ll be running have a 1st or 2nd in one or more AKC Gundog Licensed Trials.

* Hair Hunt * Swamp Rabbit Hunt * Cottontail Rabbit Hunt * Hog Hunt * Elk Hunt * Mule Deer Hunt * White Tail Deer Hunt * Bear Hunt * Good Fishing Expedition.

Please call soon so I can get everyone scheduled this season.

Listed 10/04

Name: Mike
Address: Buckhannon, WV
E-mail: mrwvsportsman@yahoo.com
Good pack of beagles and a couple of hunting spots in north central WV and a good hunting buddy rabbit hunting anywhere in WV private or public. Place to hare hunt.

I am always looking for new places to rabbbit hunt. I would also like to get into hare hunting. I am in Iraq now but hope to return in Feb. Email me!

Listed 10/04

Name: Rick Comer
Address: Minford,Ohio
E-mail: comer_rick@yahoo.com
two beagles and lots of land for rabbit hunting. nothing

looking for someone that likes to hunt as well as i do, also land in kentucky to hunt on.

Listed 10/04

Name: Jason Henderson
Address: Richmond,va
E-mail: Jason23231@yahoo.com
4 deer dogs and one rabbit dog and a good hunting friend for land to hunt on and a good hunting friend

just looking for someone to run dogs with and enjoy a hunt.

Listed 09/04

Name: trey boyette
Address: clinton nc
E-mail: granthillfan_33@hotmail.com
land to run sum beagles jus listen to dogs and watchin them Listed 08/04
Name: Bryant Skipper
Address: Glouster Ohio
Phone: 740 767 4943
E-mail: beagleheaven@earthlink.net
dogs,hunting area,lots of laughs,camping site,place in kennel for your dogs. someone who can get up before noon and doesnt complain to hunt with.

I have real dogs and we dont chase deer all day long.

Listed 08/04

Name: Kris C. Santamarina
Address: atlanta ga./Tequesta Fl.
Phone: 561-202-5897
E-mail: ksantamarina@hotmail.com
Deer hunting in Alabama or fishing in Jupiter Fl inshore or offshore Rabbit, squirrel or deer hunting

I have never been rabbit ro squirrel hunting with a good pack of dogs.

Listed 08/04

Name: Terry Powell
Address: Forest IN
E-mail: hntrmnpowell@aol.com
rabbit hunt over two good dogs and possible a deer hunt achery or gun hunt elk hunt or achery bear hunt for 2005 or 2006 Listed 06/04
Name: Alex Cole
Address: Wellsville, NY
Phone: 585-593-1140
E-mail: abcole500@yahoo.com
rabbit hunting in the southern tier snoeshoe hare hunting in the adirondacks

I have 2 beagles, 1 old and 1 pup that is started on cottontails. Want someone to hunt snoeshoes with sometime.

Listed 06/04

Name: Brent Keeler
Address: Flint, Michigan
E-mail: copper2102@yahoo.com
good hunting partner, young and willing beagle and some top notch land for rabbits Good hunting partner, some other hunting locations Listed 06/04
Name: Dave Fisher
Address: Smithfield, PA
Phone: 724 569-2376
E-mail: dwfish8-23-51@worldnet.att.net
I have good rabbit, deer, turkey here in Pa. Information or a place to start in Iowa. I want to go out in summer and look around ... then go hunt in fall/winter

Need information of "where to start" looking for a hunting spot in Iowa ... heard it is great hunting.

Listed 05/04

Name: ken smith
Address: farragut ia
Phone: 712 385 8276
E-mail: worldwideauctions@hotmail.com
place to rabbit hunt in Iowa lodging and food. being able to hunt over beagles just never have done it and would like to. Listed 05/04
Name: Bob Kays
Address: Stroudsburg Pa
Phone: 570-992-2619
E-mail: bkays@ptd.net
Rabbit cotton or Hare,Turkey,Whitetail Hunting in western Pa with possible rooming Woodcock & Grouse Hunt in any State. mostly looking for Price county Wisconsin Don't need to Kill just work Dogs I have a lot of English Pointers

I have the pointers and if You want to kill You can go with. I also have the beagles for the rabbit hunt but if You have also You can bring Your and we will run both

Listed 04/04

Name: Jason Byrd
Address: Ripley, Tn.
Phone: 731-772-3705
E-mail: rdybsaj@aol.com
Dogs to go rabbit hunting. THese are some good dogs that love to go hunting. Land to hunt on. Most of the land I have to hunt on is deer hunted and I usually have to wait until after deer season to go. I usually have to go by my self too!

Must be in Tn.

Listed 04/04

Name: Brian Hanna
Address: Washington, PA
E-mail: brian.hanna@comcast.net
Hunting companionship - rabbits, beagles

Some public and some private lands
Hunting companionship Listed 03/04
Name: Courtney White
Address: Burlington/Union City, Michigan
Phone: 517-765-2100
Good spots to hunt and run rabbits with a limited number of people good dogs to run my pup with or training

lots of places+ lots of contacts= good times

Listed 03/04

Name: Timothy Garvin
Address: Douglasville, Georgia
Phone: 770-947-2340
E-mail: rebelyellpups@juno.com
$ to Lease Allowing me to train my beagles on your farm land.

Off season rabbits only.
Not into deer hunting ... Within 75 miles of Douglasville GA

Listed 02/04

Name: David Lipscomb
Address: Fairmont, WV
E-mail: Fishin4Thrills1@aol.com
Companionship for someone wanting to Rabbit hunt and Fish in North Central WV A hunting and fishing buddy

I have a few places to rabbit hunt and two dogs, also have small boat and great largemouth locations.

Listed 03/04

Name: Jim Moore
Address: Rochester , NY
E-mail: jrmoore@localnet.com
Deer and turkey in cattaragus county on private 500 acre camp Rabbit hunting with my hound and yours in NY or Northern PA

Just completed first season with pup. Could not find many or any place to go. Just want to hook up with experience hunters to have fun ang get some beagleing tips.

Listed 03/04

Name: Ed
Address: Waynesburg , Pa
E-mail: j_ed_smith@yahoo.com
Bass fishing in WVa or Pa. some one to help get me started in trailing beagles. Listed 03/04
Name: Jim Heasley
Address: Marion, IN
E-mail: jheasley@bpsinet.com
All these hunts would be for this upcoming 2004-2005 hunting season. If someone was interested in combining any of these hunts it could be worked out depending on the time of year.

1) Fall or winter cottontail rabbit hunt over my dogs or yours in North Central Indiana.
2) Canadian Goose hunt over field decoys in North Central Indiana.
3) White tail deer hunt in North Central Indiana.
4) Coyote hunt in North Central Indiana any time of the year. I usually go in February.
5) August 2004 squirrel hunt.
I m interested in swapping any of the hunts for a
*Indiana Cottontail Rabbit Hunt * Hair Hunt * Swamp Rabbit Hunt * Hog Hunt * Elk Hunt * Mule Deer Hunt * White Tail Deer Hunt * Bear Hunt * Turkey Hunt * Good Fishing Expedition

Please give me at least a 3-month window to plan the hunts. Certain month's are better for certain types of hunts. Contact me for those details.

Listed 03/04

Name: Kevin Stanfield
Address: Brookfield Missouri 64628
Phone: 660-258-3247
Weekend of rabbit hunting next year as season is over Feb 15th this year. Trout fishing or hunting trip. Hunting depends on season of state.

I have own dog rabbit and quail dogs.

Listed 03/04

Name: Jeff N
Address: Weth CT
E-mail: akajeffn@earthlink.net
Company for the thrill of a good hunt. And one eger pup willing to learn the thrill of the chase. Many thanks for taking the time to pass on the time honor tradition pass on to another genneration. Listed 02/04
Name: Steve Presnell
Address: Whiteville, NC
Phone: 910-653-6307
E-mail: guitarmansteve@earthlink.net
good rabbit hunting land and my dogs training pen for young dogs

just looking for someone who has a large rabbit pen in eastern nc.

Listed 02/04

Name: Leroy mills jr.
Address: Woodhull ny
Phone: 607 525 6620
E-mail: jenningsb@infoblvd.net
good hunting dogs, friendship someone who likes to rabbithunt and enjoys the thrill of the chase

I have good dogs, just cant find anyone who wants to hunt anymore i dont have many places to hunt

Listed 02/04

Name: curtis
Address: justice
Phone: 706-860-7029
E-mail: cleatusmigee@knology.net
excellent striper or large mouth fishing in ga any kind of good hunting or fishing trip in ga Listed 02/04

Name: Trey
Address: Clinton NC
E-mail: granthillfan_33@hotmail.com

land to hunt on rabbit hunting with beagles its my first time to Listed 02/04
Name: Steve Dinkler
Address: Pax WV
Phone: 304-890-1669
E-mail: stevedinkler@yahoo.com
A couple of good rabbit dogs. Someone to hunt with who has a good farm to rabbit hunt or deer hunt in WV Listed 02/04
Name: David Carr
Address: Hanover, NH
E-mail: David.J.Carr@dartmouth.edu
Snowshoe hare hunt in New Hampshire, our beagles and/or yours. No exchange needed, just love to hunt. Would love to go coyote hunting or experience other hunts, but exchange is definitely not necessary. Listed 02/04

Name: bob hedberg
Address: holliston, ma
Phone: 508-429-2758
E-mail: timbertramp@verizon.net

Good hare hunting from my cmp in Wesley,Maine Good companionship with good hounds. Listed 02/04
Name: Steve Favre
Address: Paris, Texas
Phone: 214-415-0989
E-mail: stevef1@airmail.net
1500 acres in Delta County, Texas that is covered with rabbits. I can also provide the county Game Warden's name and number for you to call and verify that I'm legit and that the land has plenty of game. You bring the dogs and I'll provide the place to hunt.

Deer/duck season is over and its time to run some rabbits before everything greens up.

Listed 02/04

Name: wayne
Address: maine
Phone: 207 938 5369
hare hunt in central maine area. have many plces which have hare ( no deer yards) cotton tail hunt in nj area

the season ends march 31 we have good scent cond. right now.

Listed 02/04

Name: Jim Heasley
Address: Marion, IN
Phone: 765-674-3791
E-mail: jheasley@bpsinet.com

traditional archery hunt for rabbit s this coming fall in 2004? Similar hunt else where in Indiana, or a connected State if possible.

I would also be up for a good group of beaglers to get together for a similar gun hunt.

Listed 02/04

Name: Andy Meyer
Address: Illinois
Phone: 630 365 1087
E-mail: beagler169@sbcglobal.net
a fun hunting partner hare hunting in northerns wisconsin.

We go up to northern wisconsin everyother weekend. any where in nothern wisconsin

Listed 02/04

Name: nick
Address: cadyville ny
Phone: (518)293-7855
E-mail: njharnde@yahoo.com
Hunt rabbit's with my or your dog's, Deer hunting, turkey hunt,GOOSE All in the ADK mt's. For two days you and a friend.
You will enjoy!! Thire is no 100% but this is real close!
ELK, BEAR, MOOSE, HOG or a real good fish trip.

I Have grown up in the MT'S. I have dam good deer, goose, turkey, rabbit spots. I will guide this hunt fully. I will even hunt with you. I have a rustic adk camp. Depending what we hunt.

Listed 02/04

Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Name: Tom Limings
Address: Marengo,Ohio
Phone: 419-253-7304
A rabbit race with my dogs and yours a chances to talk dogs and see/hear them run. Listed 01/04
Name: Adam Fuller
Address: Haysi Virginia
E-mail: afuller@hotmail.com
2 Good Dogs, And Hunting area's around my home in Dickenson County A Hunting buddy, I have no one to hunt with. I need help covering the hunting area's

I'm 21 years old. I hunt safely. Just need someone who can hunt with me here or I can go hunting with there.

Listed 01/04

Name: steve
Address: galway ny
hare hunting looking for guys that want to hunt hare up north .i have dogs and i hunt for fun i dont kill every rabbit i see.rather see hound work. nothing Listed 01/04
Name: matt
Address: Rutland, Vermont
E-mail: mattk001@yahoo.com
Have rabbit camp in northern Vermont, but I have weekdays off so I need someone with dogs to hunt with during the week. I have two beagles, but their paws got messed up from hunting them on crust, so they'll be on the bench for a while. If you have dogs, drop me an email because this camp is in rabbit city. Listed 01/04
Name: phil milligan
Address: andover maine
Phone: 207-392-1482
rabbit hunting in on some of the best cover available lots of rabbits killed 700 in the last three years over my hounds deer hunting meat hunt in penn. im not a trophy hunter would just as soon shoot does

stay at my house for 5-7 days and enjoy hunting hares i am a reg.maine guide and i also hunt bear with hounds treed forty plus this past year

Listed 01/04

Name: Odell Dingess
Address: Harts, WV 25524
Phone: 304-855-3875
E-mail: odingess@yahoo.com
An all day rabbit hunt for two to three guys and their dogs a rabbit hunt for me and two buddies and our dogs

I work and it must be on weekends...

Listed 01/04

Name: Yancey Duplantis
Address: Houma, Louisiana
Phone: 985-966-1104
E-mail: yancey.duplantis@
Salt water fish or fishing trip. Rabbit hunting trip or permission to hunt on prime rabbit property.

Just started hunting at age 44. Wife wants to go too. Kids all grown and gone.

Listed 01/04

Name: Mark Buschur
Address: Dayton, Oh
Website: http://bouttimeiv.dyndns.org/
E-mail: Bouttimeiv@aol.com
Akc registered pup or $$lease place within a half hour to an hour of Dayton to run, NOT HUNT, my dogs year round. Listed 01/04

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