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Postings from January, 2002 through October, 2002

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Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
#: 252-586-2042
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Rabbit Hunting
Rabbit Hunting
Looking for new rabbit hunting partners to enjoy good chases and hunting.  Perks: I have two training enclosures.
Listed: 10/2002
mevans won November's drawing for a one year free subscription to...
Congratulations, mevans!
Kelly Bryant
#: 304-445-7446
Alderson, WV

rabbit, deer, turkey hunting in eastern W.V
rabbit, deer hunting in eastern US
Listed: 10/2002
Eric Turnquist
#: 608-825-8340
Sun Prairie, WI
beagling entertainment
hunting land
Looking for some good private land in southern Wisconsin where I can work my dog - with or without shotgun
Listed: 10/2002
Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Tony Tidwell
#: 615-219-4715
Dickson, TN
swamp rabbit hunt in Tenn
hunt swampers in jan or feb on 1000''s acres of good swamps
Listed: 10/2002
#: 207-427-6138
Baileyville, ME
Snowshoe hare hunt in Maine
Let's talk
Some big woods with lots of rabbits.  Are your hounds good enough to hunt 'em up?
Listed: 10/2002
Sonny Preece
West Virginia
Rabbit Hunting
Rabbit hunting anywhere there are rabbits!
Listed: 10/2002
Sonny won October's drawing for a one year free subscription to...
Congratulations, Sonny!
Bruce Wilson
Payson, AZ
elk hunt or javalina hunt
waterfowl hunt
Send email - not for profit - no "macho" hunters need respond.   No games or hidden agendas.   For 2003.  A lot of pre-planning required.
Listed: 10/2002
#: 201-373-0656
Passaic, NJ
In exchange for: Someone with beagles to hunt with in the NJ, NY, PA area.
Details: I love to hunt rabbits, but have no one to hunt with.
Listed: 10/2002
Craig Piercey
# 709-834-9571
Newfoundland, Canada
Snowshoe rabbit hunt or partridge hunt
Beagle or English Setter
Will provide a snowshoe rabbit hunt with 20 to 40 rabbits/day, depending on the weather.  Or, an upland partridge hunt over an english setter on wild birds.
Listed: 10/2002
#: 513.604.7518
Cincinnati, OH
Cash / Fly Fishing trip / ???

Upland bird and/or Rabbit
I have a two year old beagle who is dying to chase a rabbit!  (I'm a graphic designer by trade. I could provide layout  and printing of business cards, brochures, etc. in trade) Thanks!
Listed: 10/2002
William Bronson
#: 1-262-650-5835
Racine, WI
A hunting buddy
A hunting buddy
Anywhere in Wisconsin
Listed: 10/2002
Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Mike Chesbro
#: 518 572 4042
Winmington, NY
Trout Fishing
Rabbit Hunting
I can guide you to hotspots on the world famous Ausable River in the NY Adirondacks--Do you have good hunting land?
Listed: 10/2002
#: 401-356-1174
Woonsocket, RI
Duck hunt in RI
Hare Hunt in NH
I have two beagles one is broke and running good other is eight month pup both males.
I have a 6 month old American Water Spaniel who has already reteived a goose from the bay
Listed: 10/2002
Shilo's Dad
#: 1-262-650-5835
Racine, WI
Beagle hunting buddy
Bunny hunting anywhere in Wisconsin
Listed: 10/2002
#: 201-373-0656
Passaic, NJ
Someone with beagles to hunt with in the NJ/NY/PA area.
Details: I love to hunt rabbits but have no one to hunt with.
Listed: 10/2002
Thomas King Jr.
# 570-265-8715
Wysox, PA
Kayak trip down the north branch of the Susquehanna or an Oct. archery hunt for deer.
In exchange for: a place to run beagles in PA  or NY.
Listed: 08/2002
Thomas won September's drawing for a one year free subscription to...
Congratulations, Thomas!
Paul Prevot
# 740-945-1901
Scio, Ohio
Kansas or Iowa Rabbit hunting
A Small group of OH hunters take a trip to Iowa or Kansas every year (last 5 years). Will pay for very good hunting ground. We usually stay 2--3 days. End of Oct.
Listed: 08/2002
Kenneth Hawn
# 814-667-2371
Huntingdon, PA
Hare Hunt
A Small group of PA Hunters would like to book a Hunt to either NY or VT and would like to run our own dogs.  First time hunting Hare for us.  Thanks Manor Hill Beagles
Listed: 08/2002
David Curl
# 417-285-3741
Wentworth, MO
Rabbit hunts with Beagles & Bassets
Just looking to share good running with anyone.
Young hunters or someone wanting to get started;  I'll share the music with you.
Listed: 08/2002
Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Ted Ludwick
Bronson, MI
good beagling
Nice person who has somewhere good to run dogs around
southern Michigan.
Not interested in shooting rabbits (unless wanted); just want to run dogs with someone.  Would really appreciate it. If interested send an E-mail.
Listed: 07/2002
Phil Milligan
# 1-207-392-1482
Andover, Maine
snowshoe hare hunting.
Come hunt with me in central Maine.  I run between 4 and 10 beagles at once -- nothing to have 3 or 4 rabbits going at same time.  Me and partners harvested over 500 this winter.  
I also hunt deer and bear.  I hunt bear with hounds and do fairly well -- treed 34 last fall;  took lots of video.  If interested in a great time or just want to BS, give me a call.
Listed: 06/2002
Brad Perry
# 937-845-3307
New Carlisle, Ohio
Meet a fellow friend to hunt with on land
 exchange of barking noises of fellow beagles
Looking to find someone with land in the area to run with and hunt.
Listed: 05/2002
Bruce Bonville
# 518 643-2790
Peru, NY
snow shoe hare hunts or just run them (summer)
Have access to 550 acres of land loaded with snow shoe hare ready to run in summer or hunt in season. My dogs run 18 hours non-stop. Call to make a deal.
Listed: 05/2002
Stanley Gomm
stanley.gomm@umit.maine.edu # 207-394-2174
Old Town, Maine
Hare hunting at its best
 Make a suggestion
I have place for five people to stay and kennels for dogs. Like to hear hound music have four hounds and like to see other bloodlines run also. Harvest over 200 hare a year.
Listed: 02/2002
# 330 924 4232
Cortland, Ohio
come and hunt or run with me any time bring your dog or watch mine.
see hunting dogs in action
Listed: 02/2002
Kenny Moss
Kingston, Ohio
# 740-655-3899
I have some excellent rabbit hunting, superior beagles, fair pheasant hunting, excellent white tail and excellent turkey
elk hunt
If the time frame is in November can combined whitetail and rabbit/pheasant.  I can put you up.  The whitetail in November would be bow hunting.

Listed: 01/2002

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