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This page: postings from November, 2004 to December, 2004

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Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Name: Scott Peary
Address: Stockertown, PA
E-mail: scot@mapisp.com
Dog(s) to hunt rabbit and hare.
We are a couple guys who love to hunt.
Land to run the dog(s) and hunt on.
People who enjoy hearing the beagle(s) work.
Or any type of hunting.

We are also doing some goose and pheasant hunting.

Listed 12/04

Name: mike
Address: rochester, ny
E-mail: mafrank@frontiernet.net
beagles and a place to run/hunt cottontails place to hunt cottontails and or hares

i have two beagles that are fair hunters wanting to make some conections on some good hare hunting willing to travel a few hours to do so.

Listed 12/04

Name: Bill DeVary
Address: Magnolia,Delaware
Phone: [302]335-5439
E-mail: twohounddogs@aol.com
I have 3 good beagles that love to hunt. Looking for someone with places to hunt in Maryland or New Jersey.I mainly hunt on state land. During deer season,Dec. and Jan. state land is closed for rabbit hunting. So i'm looking to hunt outside of state.

want to make some friends who enjoys beagles and rabbit hunting like I do.

Listed 12/04

Name: Mike Cogar
Address: Seville, Ohio
Phone: (330)334-6311
2 Beagles with lots of public and private land. Also 2 good treeing Walker dogs. A good hunting buddy.

Most of the time my cousin hunts with me. I also have a hunting camp in Noble County, with lots of land.

Listed 12/04

Name: Bruce Lumsden
Address: Oxford, Alabama
E-mail: lumsdenb@hvsc.net
Excellent rabbit hunting on coosa river in Talladega county.Over 500 acres to hunt! Someone with a good pack of beagles to come down and hunt with me and my two boys, ages 16&18.

Lot's of deer so dog's need to be deer broke! Although we do have 80 acres fenced in with 5' dogwire!

Listed 12/04

Name: john weingartz
Address: south branch MI
E-mail: cdweingartz@centrytel.net
some good hare and cottontail hunting spots. some more places to run and some to go with. Listed 12/04
Name: John James
Address: Chesapeake,VA
Phone: (757)450-1395
E-mail: JJames1955@aol.com
Tthe oppurtunity to hunt with some good gundogs. My dogs and I need more areas to rabbit hunt.They jump and run good. Areas within an hour's drive of Chesapeake to hunt and train my pups on rabbits.

I'm a responsible person who will not bring others onto your property.

Listed 12/04

Name: Patrick collins
Address: powhatan,va
Phone: 804-492-9236
E-mail: wrangler18cowboy@aol.com

a decent dog and a good friend to run with and talk to a friend with more dogs to run with and the land to run on

just starting rabbit hunting just wamt somebody to run with that has land

Listed 12/04

Name: Chia
Address: Minnesota
Website: http:www.angelfire.com/mn3/mosscodo
E-mail: gapbabyboy9@hotmail.com
i'm looking for a hunting friend near me. i'll provide my dogs to hunt. in excange for a fun time out. i want to hunt with other dogs.

i'm all for the fun of hunting rabbits with other dogs and getting to know more hunter around Minnesota.

Listed 12/04

Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Name: robert phipps
Address: clintwood va
County: dickenson
Phone: 1-276-926-8120
E-mail: phipps692002@yahoo.com
4 really good gun dogs and place to hunt for a good hunting partner that is willing to help me because i am handicap help with dogs handling etc

i have got excellent hunting in southwest va kill over 50 rabbit a month

Listed 11/04

Name: Steven Conley
Address: Oklahoma City, Ok.
Phone: 405-921-1852
E-mail: Steven.Conley@tinker.af.mil
Good rabbit Dogs for you to hunt with me. Good rabbit land and a place to hunt in Oklahoma or Kansas. Listed 11/04
Name: Danny Dye
Address: Hartwood, Va.
Phone: 540-752-2907
E-mail: dadye@msn.com
Some pretty good running beagles Land to hunt on. You're welcome to come along too.

Losing hunting land. Looking for new land and folks to hunt with.

Listed 11/04

Name: Tim Pearson
Address: Kings Mtn., NC
Website: www.persimmoncreekbeagles.homestead.com
E-mail: beagler2004@yahoo.com
Good pack of dogs.Good fellowship with someone who loves to hear a good race. Land to just run on or hunt anywhere in the Piedmont region in NC, or upper state SC.

Looking for someone to run and hunt with on a regular basis in these areas. Will travel some for a hunt in a different area and provide dogs.

Listed 11/04

Name: ed presley
Address: sebree ky
E-mail: eep46@hotmail.com
whitetail deer,spring and fall turkey,rabbit and
any thing interesting

just good ole ky.hospitality chance to meet new
friends and enjoy the outdoors

Listed 11/04

Name: Jaron Kennedy
Address: Beulaville N.C.
Phone: 910-296-4541 (day)
E-mail: amandak@intrstar.net
Beagle club and dogs. Leased land. and some good rabbit hunting areas. Anyone with beagles that loves to hunt and hunt
(Eastern N.C.)

We hunt every saturday with about 10 dogs, but I always
say the more dogs the beter the hunt.

Listed 11/04

Name: Kendall Embry
Address: Morgantown, KY
Phone: 270-526-3448
E-mail: kenembry@hotmail.com
4 Good Beagle Hounds. Farms to hunt on in the area.

Just looking for good hunting places in the area to hunt with you & or you & your dogs.

Listed 11/04

Name: clarence
Address: pelham nc 27311
E-mail: bountyhunter1958@earthlink.net
dogs for rabbit hunting someone to hunt with on weekday swith land.or just some one to hunt with have lot of game land to hunt Listed 11/04
Name: lawrence c miller
Address: new iberia louisiana
Phone: 3372710143
E-mail: redgirl342000@yahoo.com
great pack of beagles safe hunter land to hunt rabbits or raccoon Listed 11/04
Name: Doug Lennon
Address: Hilton, NY
Phone: 5853928348
E-mail: bgulsrus@aol.com, dlennon@spencerportschools.org
Beagle pack to hunt rabbits at your place. Place to hunt them. Listed 11/04
Name: Bruce Rees
Address: Victoria,B.C.
Country: Canada
Phone: 250-381-3271
E-mail: dpmo@shaw.ca
Hunting over a Pure Bred Black Lab. Fully trained. To hunt ducks or upland game here on Vancouver Island. A hunting trip near Vancouver or Victoria within a day's drive at most to hunt over beagles for rabbits for same type of

Will also supply accomodations.

Listed 11/04

Name: Steve Webb & Freddy Whitley
Address: Pinetops, NC
Phone: 827-1730
E-mail: Lost584@aol.com
Me and buddy are willing to provide approx. 20 A #1 rabbit dogs. If you got rabbits will come a hunting. N.C. & Southern Half of V.A. ONLY A good ole time hunting rabbits and hearing some
genuine beagle church music.

Deer are no objects dogs wont run um. Just looking for some land to hunt and a good hunting buddy.

Listed 11/04

Name: Eddie Beck
Address: Delco N.C. East coast
E-mail: ED101162@aol.com
Have a few good places to run blues or cotton tails have dogs. or run together in january thur febuary looking for the same. in n.c. or north america will

have some woodducks to shoot in season

Listed 11/04

Name: Martin Mclaughlan
Address: ayrshire
Country: scotland
Phone: 07838332804
E-mail: Laurie698@btinternet.com
good day or nights hunting in my hare n rabbit parks or in our deer area a good days or nights hunting for anything in your area Listed 11/04
Name: Kevin Graff
Address: Byron Michigan
Phone: 810-266-4953
E-mail: kgraff@danella.com
Good hunting buddy. Two young pups one is started Good hunying buddie possibly someone to help me get into field trials

South central michigan, few spots some private some state

Listed 11/04

Name: Don Wild
Address: Indianapolis, Indiana
E-mail: Wildnindy@msn.com
A nice hunt with a couple of fair beagles. Private property to rabbit hunt in Indiana and a rabbit hunting buddy. Listed 11/04
Name: George Truslow
Address: Stafford VA
Phone: 5406593835
rabbit hunting with 10 good dogs places to hunt any where in va Listed 11/04
Name: Sam Fuller
Address: Lothian, MD
E-mail: fullersamuel@hotmail.com
Private land to hunt rabbits on if you bring the dogs. Always looking for new places to turkey hunt

I live on 10 acres that is loaded with bunnies. Good place for young dogs and kids,terrain not difficult. Fun to hunt for a few hours

Listed 11/04

Name: Rich Miller
Address: New Bethlehem Pa.
E-mail: rpmiller@usachoice.net
Places to rabbit hunt.I have hundreds of acres of rabbit hunting for anyone looking for a new place to hunt. Someone to hunt rabbits with,with or without dogs.

I have 2 dogs and I'm located a little over an hour north of Pittsburgh on the border of Clarion& Armstrong counties.

Listed 11/04

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