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Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...

Todd Braswell
North Carolina

Rabbit hunting in NC with your dogs or mine. Rabbit hunting somewhere lese with my dogs.

Have good dogs trash broke and will travel.

Will also pay to hunt good rabbit hunting land.

Listed 06/03

Matt Paules
York, Pennsylvania
1)Duck/Goose hunt on Susquehanna river
2)Deer hunting (archery,gun)
3)Goose field hunting
Good rabbit hunting within a drivable distance of
York, Pa...or any other hunting opportunity you can offer!

Have a young pup that I would like to run with experienced dogs this fall...Trade some good hunting of any kind!

Listed 06/03

Mike Tripp
Falmouth, VA
4 hunters, 6 deer hounds, 4 reg. Walkers, 1 reg. Black & Tan, 1 cross. All good dogs. Looking for a hunt club.

Not happy in current situation. Would like to hunt with a good group of guys that enjoy the chase.

Listed 06/03

Josh Wells
Good day or weekend of rabbit running. good place too deer hunt early black powder season

the place is old abandon strip mine

Listed 06/03

Shawn Lettre
Berlin NH 03570
Snowshoe hare hunting
Rabbit huning anywere in the tri state area
I have a young hound and have many places hunt.
Listed 04/03
Dan Hodge
Crossville, TN
A day of rabbit hunting on 150 acres with my dogs or yours or both.
A day of hunting for rabbit, deer, turkey.
I would really like to other rabbit hunters.
Listed 04/03
William Adams
Milwaukee, WI
Willing to give some labor efforts to the land or willing to pay a fee for lease of the land.
Need a place to hunt small game, such as rabbit and squirrel.
There are three of us; sometimes four.  Never more than that.  Our ages are between 34 and 51 years old.
Listed 04/03
Robert Mullins
Holt, Florida

Excellent deer and turkey hunting on my land in south Alabama.
Hunting opportunity for winter hunt for my me and my wife to hunt deer, goose, rabbit, etc.
Alabama offers very liberal harvest opportunities in my area.  (1 deer per day  - buck or doe, over the 75-day season. Similar for the 45 day Turkey season.)
Listed 04/03
Jim Solak
Edmore, MI
40 acres of well groomed land for running rabbits with over 3 miles of trails.  Plenty of rabbits. Running only, no killing.  April 15 through May 31.  
Meeting some good people with medium speed beagles to run with.
 My 40 acres is surrounded by open fields and is not fenced.  Rabbits seldom leave my running grounds.
Listed 03/03

good rabbit hounds to hunt with
a hunting partner with land in or around Connecticut
two female beagles ready to run rabbits.
Listed 03/03
Pete Studer
Lots of good places to run beagles in S.E. Ohio
A place to run beagles in N.E. North Carolina in late May 2003.Going on vacation there and want to bring the dogs.
Listed 03/03
Kevin Jackson
Monarch, MT
2003-2004 season- Montana mountain lion hunt with hounds, your choice of weapon. Located in central MT.
Young well started female beagle, color not important,must be well built with good feet. May consider a pup out of a proven cross.
season Dec.1-April 14 , please do not try to pawn off any junk on me, honesty will be greatly appreciated
Listed 03/03
Andy Purnell
Spring Mills Pa.
A place to stay for 2-3 and public land to hunt the game of yourchoice. Deer archery/rifle. turkey spring/fall. cottontails with dogs yours or ours or both!
Hare hunting or any good suggestion!
Also close to some of Pa's premier trout fishing
Listed 03/03
Elliott  Sandifer
Casey ,ILL
Rabbit Hunting ..I have 4 good
dogs and places to hunt in indiana and illinois I also
bow hunt deer here in Illinois
there not many guys that rabbit hunt here
hunting buddy..thats all
Listed 03/03
Travis Prevatt
Arcadia, Florida
Wild  boar hunt with old fashioned South Florida Currs.  Catch and release or take with knife. NO GUNS!
AKC Beagles or make offer
Listed 03/03
Stacey Dowell
Calvert City, Kentucky
270 395 3622
swamp rabbit hunting in western ky
waterfowl hunting in same area

have five small beagles all of them are jump and track dogs
Listed 03/03
Larry and Laura Peters
Bonneau, SC
cottontail hunt with good Christian company and Good beagles
Someone else to run the hounds with, with either land or hounds
looking for somone in berkley, dorchester, charleston, williamsburg, or orangeburg with either beagle hounds or land with rabbits on it
Listed 03/03
RB Nelson
Antioch, CA
Will hunt your varmints: coyote, squirrel, gophers,etc.
In exchange for the privilege of hunting rabbit on your property.
Listed 02/03
Lamar Denby
Huntington, Texas
Swamp Rabbit Hunt with our beagles
Quail hunt
Listed 02/03
Ken Knapper
Snow Shoe or Cottontail hunt your dogs or my dogs or both.
I just love to hunt Rabbits
Listed 02/03
Corey Faulkner
Easley   S.C.
Some very good deer hunting in south carolina. On pravite land. Planted plots, shoting houses, ladder standes.
Two good rabbit dogs. Trash broke, medium to fast speed, well trained dogs out of good stock.
Listed 02/03
Howard Eagleton
Monticello KY
a new and different place to run beagles
i still have a few good hunting places but am rapitedly running out. mostly just looking for places to run my dogs.
Listed 02/03
Oktaha, OK
Rabbit hunting in OK -- cottontails or swampers with my beagles.
Good hare or rabbit hunt with my beagles or yours, so I can
hunt somewhere else besides OK.
Listed 02/03
Fredericksburg, VA
Deer hunting, small game hunting, land to run rabbit or deer dogs on during the late winter and spring for training and to hear them run, spring turkey hunting
What do you have??  A dog maybe, or a hunt somewhere.  Let me know.  I am open, just looking for good company
Looking for good company of a fellow hunter who enjoys doing things off-season with his hounds as well as actual hunting.
Listed 02/03
B. Davis
Hemingway, SC
Deer Hunt ahead of Beagles in South Carolina
Waterfowl Hunt.  Would like the opportunity to work my lab someplace new.
Get the unique opportunity to hunt whitetail deer ahead of some fine deer running beagles and hounds.
Listed 02/03
Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Tom Rusinack
Warsaw, IN

Rabbit hunting with my hounds or yours in Northern Indiana.  
Rabbit hunting or just running dogs anywhere in North America.
Give me an e-mail if you would like to hunt with hounds and we can get together.
Listed 02/03
Beekmantown,  NY
Rabbit hunting info. in Malone area.
Rabbit hunting info. in area surrounding Beekmantown.
Listed 02/03
Josh Clark
Chesapeake, VA
5 good seasoned trash free beagles
A few good places to hunt in VA or NC.
I love to listen to my hounds run or yours.  Just looking for some good times and new hunting buddies.  Running out of places to hunt.  Safety first always.
Listed 02/03
Rustic BTC
Bloomsburg , PA
Friendship/good time hunting; my dogs; yours or the whole pack.
I enjoy late season rabbit hunting and would like to see new areas - make new hunting pals.
Travis Willison
Helmer, IN
Friendship, and some rabbit hunting ground
Friendship and turkey hunting ground in Indiana
I would like to have someone to rabbit hunt with and some new places to hunt turkey in the spring
Listed: 01/2003
Nathan Hanna
Fremont, MI
somone to run dogs with
somone to run dogs with
I have one dog and want someone within 1 hour of me to run dogs with.  I have some areas to hunt near me -- 1 hour north of Grand Rapids.
Listed: 01/2003

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