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Postings from June, 2003 thru December, 2003

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Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Name: Noah Hunt
Address: Morton Wn.
Phone: 360 496 6588
E-mail: nhunt@lewisco.com
2 fine trash broke male Beagles. In or around western Washington good place to run rabbits

most gates are locked here I dont have many places to hunt

Listed 12/03

Name: Hayne Haigler
Address: Monroe NC
Phone: 704-289-4783
E-mail: hch1111@juno.com
250 acres in the heart of Anson County NC for deer hunting 2004 season. 250 or more quality acres to rabbit hunt on Listed 12/03

Name: Jerome Hale
Address: Harrison,Mi.
Phone: 989-588-9334
E-mail: sjhale48625@yahoo.com

Couple of days of good hare hunting with me and my sons an beagles.Come on up. cottontails to run in southern central michigan

might supply room for you and your dogs

Listed 12/03

Name: j. kennedy
Address: Beulaville n.c.
E-mail: amandak@intrstar.net

sandridge beagle club. rabbit dogs, 300 ac. land,and hopefully a good hunt! anyone with a few good dogs in the area that has no one to hunt with. Listed 12/03
Name: Tom Pierotti
Address: Butler, PA
Phone: 724-287-9066
E-mail: tpierotti@aol.com
snowshoe hare hunt in McKean County,PA. I have one good beagle. Yours are welcome. other opportunities to hunt

four wheel drive is helpful

Listed 12/03

Name: Dan Haskell
Address: Long Island, NY
Phone: 516-901-1831
E-mail: REELMAGIC8@aol.com

I have large property in Northern Adarondacks great for Snowshoe hunting. Need some one with Beagles to join our group for rabbit hunting. Good Deer or Turkey hunting Listed 12/03
Name: Dale Penrose
Address: St Louis Missouri
Phone: 314-968-0034
E-mail: mousefan@swbell.net
Cottontail rabbit hunt in east central Missouri swamp rabbit hunt
in Missouri (or very close)

Hunt with your hounds and mine

Listed 12/03

Name: Tom Howes
Address: Sterling Heights MI
Phone: 586-247-0595
E-mail: trhowes@comcast.net
A Young Pup ready to train and a fairly decent Rabbit Hunter A Hunting Partner and some good locations Listed 11/03
Name: Jim Heasley
Address: Marion, IN
E-mail: jheasley@bpsinet.com
Cottontail Rabbit Hunt in December 2003 with
traditional archery equipment only. You can use a 22 pistol if you'd like.
Any type of good rabbit hunt in Indiana this season.

You can bring a partner if you want.

Listed 11/03

Name: Bradley Baker
Address: Va. Beach Va.
Phone: 7574950886
E-mail: bbaker8799@aol.com
excellant squirrel hunting with champion feist dog rabbit hunt with your BROKE dogs at your place

I also do a lot of freshwater fishing in my area Nov.-Feb.

Listed 11/03

Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Name: Jim Coneset
Address: Britton, MI
Phone: 517-451-4712
E-mail: jconeset@stu.wccnet.org
Chores, deer processing, good time A place to hunt (rabbit+deer) in southeast MI

I'm in college, no money to lease. Had to give up land locked 440 to go to school. Please Help

Listed 11/03

Name: Jimmi Combs
Address: Jacksonville NC
Phone: (910)219-4160
E-mail: slcombs@charter.net
my dogs people and place to rabbit hunt close to Jacksonville

must be a safe place for my 10 and 4 year old to hunt with us

Listed 11/03

Name: Scot Feguson
Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: (513)528-6303
E-mail: Scotx31@aol.com
Lodging, meals and unlimited acres of prime turkey
hunting in Kentucky for Spring of 2004
Lodging and meals and knowledge of CRP lands in SE
Iowa for an upland hunting trip the first full week of January 2004.
Listed 11/03
Name: chee
Address: brooklyn center, MN
E-mail: gapbabyboy9@hotmail.com
a young beagle to hunt rabbits a really fun time. i'm looking for a hunting partner.

i don't know much about rabbit hunting. want to learn
from a rabbit hunter.

Listed 11/03

Name: Frank Conley
Address: Ashland, Ky
Phone: 606-928-9641
E-mail: fconley14@hotmail.com
possibly $$$ rabbit and bird hunts in the Mid West Listed 11/03
Name: Dewey Gamble
Address: Lincolnton NC
Phone: 704-516-5715
E-mail: gamfam@conninc.com
a couple of dogs that seem to hunt fairly well a place to hunt and or train dogs with a hunting partner

new to area looking for a hunting partner with a
good place to hunt willing to travel a little. would like to get back in
rabbit hunting.

Listed 11/03

Name: ricky creed
Address: clay city ky.
Phone: 606 663 2426
E-mail: rickycreed12@yahoo.com
branko beagle pups land to rabbit hunt on with lots of rabbits. Listed 11/03
Name: Ralph Testa
Address: Austintown Ohio
Phone: 3305657974
E-mail: testafam@zoomint.net
Northern OH cottontail hunting. Lots of action, long chases. Female hunters welcome also. Ilike to hunt,open to suggestions.

Best reached by phone.

Listed 11/03

Name: Jim Destefano
Address: Reelsboro, NC
Phone: 252-745-4727
E-mail: destefanoja@navair.navy.mil
6 good rabbit dogs some good land to rabbit hunt

looking for new places to rabbit hunt and meet some new people who like rabbit hunting.

Listed 11/03

Name: Keith
Address: Walnut Cove, NC
E-mail: Ksouthern@usiinc.net
Whitetail hunting (guarenteed doe kill) or good beagle pups elk or black bear archery hunt

excellent NC whitetail hunting, must provide own
lodging,meals, etc. I expect to do the same.

Listed 11/03

Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Name: Dave C
Address: Wichita Kansas
E-mail: dcfitness1@cox.net
Dogs to hunt with. Land to hunt on.

I have the land you have the dogs

Listed 11/03

Name: Mark Griswold
Address: Rome, Ohio
Phone: 440-563-3268
E-mail: houndsman2000@yahoo.com
Walleye fishing trip on my charter boat, Docked at
Grand River, Ohio. We will be fishing lake erie's central basin for big walleye and steelhead.
Some good rabbit hunting spots in eastern kansas. Listed 10/03
Name: Bill Wickham
Address: Lanark Ontario
Country: Canada
Phone: 613 259 5707
E-mail: wickham@superaje.com
snowshoe hare hunt with my dogs or yours female beagle prefer 15" tri color or b/k tan Listed 10/03
Name: t gadson
Address: rock hill sc
E-mail: tygadson6@yahoo.com
rabbit hounds land to hunt or training pen
Additional details: new in town need rabbit hunting friends have a few dogs
Listed 10/03
Name: Joseph Hartz
Address: Lewisport, KY
Phone: (270) 295-3690
E-mail: rabbithunter@tds.net
Willing to provide:
In exchange for:
rabbit hunting, have 1 good dog. 1 pup just 6 starting just some one to hunt with - deer or rabbit in Ky or In. Listed 10/03
Name: Blake Hoyt
Address: Virginia Beach, VA
E-mail: streakolightning@hotmail.com
supplies, and ammo someone that runs dogs for rabbit hunting that i can
run my dog with
Listed 10/03
Name: Joey Todd
Address: Blackshear, GA
Phone: 912-449-9022
E-mail: mtjt3@accessatc.net
Deer Hunting With Beagles Rabbit Hunting with lots of rabbits or hare with beagles

Will provide boarding. Some meals on you.

Listed 09/03

Name: Tim
Address: Blanchester, Ohio
Have a few good places to run beagles. Looking for others in southern Ohio to hunt and run dogs with. Listed 09/03
Name: Tom Graham
Address: Owensville, MO
Phone: 573-437-4088
I have 2 beagles and some places to go hunting. New places to go hunting for me and my 7yr. old son.

Jjust want to get out and have fun w/ my son not one
to be locked up all winter.

Listed 09/03

Name: Ron Fisher
Address: Parma Hts Ohio
Phone: 440-476-8777
Willing to provide:
In exchange for:
Additional details:
Lake Erie fishing trips, Fall,for perch summer wallyeye and what ever else jumps on the hooks some one to run my beagles with they need to run with
trained dogs deer hunting or turkey hunting.

I am retired have 30ft chris docked at e.55th
street marina until nov 1 need fishing buddy and
some one to hunt with your land. some what disabled
(bad knees) like to go slow or just sit drop me a
line or give me a call

Listed 09/03

Name: Jim Smith
Address: Indian Trail N.C
Phone: 704 882 5057
5 year old female beagle ,no off game rabbit only.
very good jump dog. also have young dogs.
land in anson county or wadesboro for deer hunting and
rabbit hunting

id like to find something soon

Listed 09/03

Name: Keith Waldron
Address: Monroe, MI
Phone: 734 289 1527
Walleye and perch fishing trips on Lake Erie. All equipment furnished. Places to hunt in Michigan. I hunt rabbits, deer. I am an all seasons hunter.

Give me a call. After 5 minutes you will feel like you have known me all your life. True outdoorsmen always have this in common.

Listed 09/03

Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...
Tyler Matheney
Mccconelsville, OH
supplies spot to hunt Listed 09/03
Stephen Paul
Bethlehem , PA
excellent cottontail hunting in my are with over a
thousand acres of hunting.
3 days of snowshoe hare hunting in New york

please give me a call or email me if interested.

Listed 09/03

Raymond Walker, Jr.
Savannah, GA
Dog Deer Hunting Northern U.S. or Canadian Whitetail Deer Hunting Listed 09/03
Ed Burns
Independence, MO
spring missouri turkey hunt letting me run my new pup's with your experienced
beagle(s) (first time beagle owner)

or we can just hook up and train and hut together

Listed 09/03

Jeremiah Gilbert
Peru, Indiana
Rabbit hunting over your dogs or mine. Rabbit hunting partner

will hunt anywhere in Indiana.

Listed 09/03

Jody Wells
Corbin, KY
nice farm to rabbit hunt on same as i have to offer Listed 09/03
Harrell Whitener
Alabama - North East on GA line
Willing to provide:
In exchange for:
Additional details:
Great hunting for swampers, cottontail, turkey. Bring your hounds and we will run together if you want to rabbit hunt, but if you want to turkey hunt you can
do that all on your own. Your meals and lodging is on you.

Loads of game. E-mail if interested.

Listed 09/03


Chris Turner
Mount Olive, N.C.
336-758-6256 or 919-658-6337
Deer Hunting/Rabbit Hunting Anyone willing to hunt rabbits with me in Eastern N.C.
Wayne/Duplin Counties.

I have one dog and use of others. Would love to
have someone bring their dogs to hunt with.

Listed 09/03

Wayne Perri
St. Albans, ME
#207 938 5369
Friday and Saturday snowshoe hare hunt in Maine. Lodging and meals included. A male or female beagle between the ages of 2 and ?
that can jump and run a rabbit.
Listed 08/03
Contact Information
Willing to provide...
In exchange for...
Further details...

Maple Shade, NJ

2 day Cottontail hunt with my dogs or yours. I have
farm land to use.
Snowshoe Hare hunts in Maine. Listed 08/03
T.J. Franklin
Oak Hill, WV
Smallmouth Bass fishing in the new River George,
white water rafting trip on either the New or Gauley river, rabbit hunting, deer or turkey or grouse hunting for 2 people.

1)Spring Gobbler hunt in FL

2)Elk or Mule deer hunt (gun)

I love the outdoors and would like to share my part of it with someone.

Listed 08/03

Chris Daniels
Erie Pennsylvania
(814) 899-1452
One day of waterfowl hunting on Lake Erie with
myself and my uncle, with accomodations.
A beagle hunt in PA with accomodations.

You will need to bring a gun and steel shot shells!
We will be hunting all kinds of ducks depending on
what time. Divers come down later!

Listed 08/03

Bob Hedberg
Holliston, MA
508 - 429- 2758
I have a hunting camp in Wesley, ME. Have accomodations for many dogs.Camp sleeps 7. Good rabbit hunting friends to hunt with. Listed 08/03
Lansing, NC
spring turkey hunt or float trip for smallmouth bass good deal on one or two male med-slow beagles

excellent turkey hunting or day on the river in my

Listed 07/03

Bill Stone
West Plains, Mo.
417-293-0116 cell
a nice pair of grade beagle pups out of good rabbit dogs swamp rabbit hunts in Arkansas for 4 guys and their dogs. We'll take care of our own meals and lodging. Just need the place to hunt Listed 07/03
Brock Wilson
Hartselle Alabama
Swamp rabbit and cottontail hunting with beagles. Make a suggestion

I hunt at least two days a week during season and am willing to run dogs with anyone or just let
someone hunt.

Listed 07/03

San Jose, CA
(408) 265-6570
Excellent cottontail hunting on 900 acres. Hog hunt Listed 07/03
Bill Wickham
Lanark Ontario
613 259 5707
snowshoe hare hunting Oct to Mar. My dogs or yours
or a combination of both.
reg female beagle

we have lots of hunting spots and good area to run

Listed 06/03

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