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The Rise of Rising Sun (Reds) Little Pack Kennel

by Bob Green :: Featured: February, 2002

Who would have thought that Paul Webb would establish one of the most successful lines of ARHA Little Pack beagles after buying his first dog for just $15?

Rising Sun (Reds) Little Pack Kennel is known for having some of the best looking, hardest running beagles around. Paul Webb, founder of Rising Sun (Reds) Little Pack Kennel, always loved to hunt when he was young. After returning from serving our country in the Army for 1 and 1/2 years in Germany, Paul was anxious to return to rabbit hunting. Unfortunately, Paul had no dog to hunt with. To remedy this situation, Paul purchased a male beagle from a co-worker for $15. This dog, named King, turned out to be a great gun dog. Competition was a driving factor in Paul's beagling life. His two brothers-in-law also had beagles. The three would often gather together and start bragging about whose beagle was the best. Before you knew it, they were out in the woods to see just who really had the better hound (at least on that day). Paul became involved with the ARHA in 1989. He has been a member of 6 clubs. He has always been an active participant in the clubs he has joined. He was a Board Member and Master of the Hounds at the Stillwater Valley Beagle Club. He was President of the Tri-State Beagle Club, which he founded in 1992. Tri-State Beagle Club has been renamed Track and Trail Beagle Club. Paul now serves as President of the club. Paul is also a Licensed Bench and Field Judge, Breed Inspector, and Master of Hounds. Paul's beagles run in the Little Pack Division of the ARHA. These beagles are bred for conformation as well as field work. Paul has raised several Dual Champions. The foundation of the Rising Sun beagle line on the female side is Dual Grand Champion Red Freckles Tammy. The male side traces to AKC FC Mark V Snoopy.

Paul believes the most important qualities to raising a champion beagle are: 1) Brains 2) Good Hunter 3) Good Nose 4) Conformation

He sees the most serious faults, however, in beagles as trash running, running a ghost track, hanging up on a track, and quitting on a track. These definitely are not qualities you will find in a Rising Sun beagle. Although Paul loves the beagle breed, he thinks females tend to be the better hounds. Females tend to be all around better hounds because they seem to be smarter, start quickly, and don't fool around when you turn them loose. In a breeding program, however, Paul realizes both the female and the male in the pairing are important because you never know who the pups will take after. Rising Sun's Red Speck Tammy is one of the foundation bitches at Green Valley Kennels. She is an ARHA Grand Bench Champion and ARHA Field Champion. Recently, her daughter, Green Valley Shiny Penny, won Best Puppy in a Bench Show. This was Penny's first competition, and she certainly didn't disappoint. Penny is a beautiful hound, which is due to the good breeding practices established at Rising Sun (Reds) Litlle Pack Kennel. Not only is Penny's mother from the Rising Sun line, her father, Rising Sun's Magpie's Mangus is as well. We at Green Valley commend Paul Webb for his dedication to building a better strain of beagle. Since 1956, Paul has been giving his all to his beagles; and if you've ever seen one of his hounds, it shows.

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