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It works like this: you hook up with someone on this site to exchange hunts.  Say you've got good hare hunting in your area and you'd be willing to trade someone a day of hare hunting with you in exchange for a day of deer hunting with them in their area.  You simply post what you would like to swap and wait and see what happens.  We'll post it here on this webpage for the world to see.

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Hunt Swap must have something to do with rabbit hunting or beagling to be included in this directory. Not for commercial operations.

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This page: postings from January, 2005 to present

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Date Listed

Name: Richard

Address: glen allen virginia

Country: usa

Phone: 804-798-2796

E-mail: rew141@comcast.net

Willing to provide: i have 8 awesome rabbitt dogs that will flat get down a run a rabbitt!!!!!

In exchange for: i need land to hunt,i will come to your land to hunt bring as amany guest as you like or church groups

Additional details: i can hunt 1 day or a couple days,but lets just hunt and have fun god bless.

Name: nick

Address: kalamazoo Mi

E-mail: sixpacksummer83@aol.com

Willing to provide: well trained beagle ,

In exchange for: some one to run dogs with or some one with spots to hunt rabbits

Name: garrett rogers

Address: vernon,alabama

Phone: 6955176

E-mail: bettys

Willing to provide: 70 acres of deer,rabbit,squirrel,and coon

In exchange for: rabbit dogs maybe a huntin buddie

Name: Bernie Walsh

Address: Wrightstown N J

E-mail: brw333@comcast.net

Willing to provide: 2 beagles to hunt with for someone who has a place to hunt whith a good supply of bunnies

In exchange for: someone and someplace to have fun without a million people .

Additional details: I!am 58 years old but hunt all the time.Must be exp and safe.

Name: Rory Keese

Address: Anderson, SC

Phone: (864) 325-2734

E-mail: keesev@aol.com

Willing to provide: guns, dogs, and place to hunt deer.

In exchange for: Places to hunt

Additional details: Willing to travel

Name: gtruslow

Address: stafford va

Phone: 5406593835

Willing to provide: deer hunt

In exchange for: have rabbit dogs looking for a place to hunt will take anyone

Name: ronnie

Address: virgina

E-mail: ronnieshifflett@aol.com

Willing to provide: willing to provide a few good rabbit dog's along with myselself an my 9 year old daughter an two other good friend's with dog's

In exchange for: for good rabbit hunting land we do alot of chase, not alot of shotting we just like to hear a good chase !!! so if you would like to hunt with us an tell a few joke's drope me an email.. we don't drink an won't hunt with anyone that does while hunting .my daughter mean's way to much to me to think about takeing a chance !!! thank you

Name: Isaac Burt

Address: Groveport, OH

E-mail: isaacorps@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: Hunting partner and a one year old unstarted female beagle.

In exchange for: Hunting partner with land to run rabbits and experience training beagles.

Additional details: I really love being in the outdoors and hunting rabbits but have no experience training beagles to hunt rabbits. I am looking to find someone who can help me train my beagle and provide some good hunting and friendship who enjoys hunting as much as I do.

Name: George Scott

Address: Pembroke, NC

E-mail: gls001@uncp.edu

Willing to provide: a great pack of beagles

In exchange for: a good hunt and safe hunters

Name: vic p

Address: stow ohio

E-mail: uplander44@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: Willing to provide land to hunt rabbits on in ohio&penna.and three good beagles

In exchange for: Person to hunt with during the weekdays,I work third shift and can hunt everyday and usually hunt 3 to 4 days a week.

Additional details: Can travel to PA.I hunt the Mercer co. & Somerset co. areas of PA. and allover ohio.

Name: Steven Conley

Address: Oklahoma City, Ok.

Country: USA

Phone: 405-313-6502

E-mail: Steven.Conley@tinker.af.mil

Willing to provide: cotton tail heaven hunt

In exchange for: swamp rabbit hunt


Address: lavinia tennessee

Phone: 731-783-5399

E-mail: cryers@bellsouth.net

Willing to provide: a great place to hunt with a great hondsman that loves to hunt day in day out with a fine pack of dogs

In exchange for: a fine pearson that loves to hunt with some fine dogs to

Name: shawn snow

Address: windsor ny

Phone: 6077590655

E-mail: essence2033@aol.com

Willing to provide: hounds and a safe hunting buddy, some land to hunt rabbits,

In exchange for: some land to hunt rabbits and hare

Additional details: i have never been hare hunting and would love to go i train my dogs on hare here at our local club and they do fantastic want to see how they will do in the wild..and want to shoot my first hare but i am the kind that would rather here the hounds run the hare for a hour before shooting so if youre out to kill em all dont bother

Name: Jonathan Garner

Address: Raleigh, NC

Phone: 919-610-5858

E-mail: jmgarner05@gmail.com

Willing to provide: A good student and friend

In exchange for: A good teacher...

Additional details: I'm a 19 year old college student. I would like to learn how to rabbit and deer hunt. I have my hunting license and my own guns. Thanks

Name: robert phipps

Address: clintwood va 24228

Phone: 1-276-926-8120

E-mail: phipps692002@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: land to hunt on over 1600 acres

In exchange for: a good hunting partner and deer hunting or bear hunting in va

Additional details: i can also provide excellent fishing in va to

Name: Bart

Address: sicklerville NJ

E-mail: coach_86@msn.com

Willing to provide: friendship and expences

In exchange for: someone with dogs to hunt with in the NJ. PA. area

Additional details: I need help I cant find any rabbit hunters in my area. I love to hear hounds work, please help!

Name: Matt Walters

Address: Marion Illinois

E-mail: mrwalters73@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: My friend and I have 25 great beagle hounds that we trial and hunt. Like to meet some new friends and enjoy huntin with young beaglers.

In exchange for: Land to run dogs and gun hunt if you like.Needs to be pretty close and a large area would be great.

Additional details: Couple of good ole boys's with some real good dogs. just need some ground to run and hunt and share our hounds and friendship.

Name: Conrad Ragland

Address: Columbia South Carolina

Phone: 803-6292296

E-mail: crag299192@bellsouth.net

Willing to provide: Lifetime friendship

In exchange for: Some good people to hunt rabbits with and tell a lot of jokes.

Additional details: I recently retired from the US Army after 22 years. I'm originally from Bama but decide to stay here in th Carolinas. I've been rabbit hunting my whole life but I don't know of anyone in this area that does it. I really would appreciate someone allowing me into their group to hunt with

Name: Shane

Address: Red Springs

Phone: 910-843-9442

E-mail: ludacri28377@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: some good 'ol fun, friendship,someone to hunt with

In exchange for: some more good hunting land

Additional details: i also love deer, dove,quail hunting

Name: joe

Address: st. louis, mo

E-mail: joeycad05@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: an oppertunity to hunt with me and my three beagles or little money to hunt on your land for the weekend. lets talk.

In exchange for: private land to hunt rabbit and deer. i have three beagles that hunt good. and i would like to hunt on private land in missouri or illinois instead of conservation land. too many people out on conservation land = less rabbits at the location.

Additional details: i will not leave shotgun shells on your land or other litter just want to have a fun and safe time.

Name: James Jones (JJ)

Address: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Phone: 423-622-0011

E-mail: jmjones@mccallie.org

Willing to provide: Good pack of running beagles and friendship

In exchange for: Land to hunt on, in or around chattanooga area

Name: Tim

Address: Akron Ohio

E-mail: timmothydri@deanrestoration@aol.com

Willing to provide: Pheasent and Dove hunts on public hunting ground also looking for new hunting buddies

In exchange for: privet land to run my beagles for rabbits or for hunting any varmints

Additional details: if you don't have any land and just looking to hunt with some buddey im readdy to go

Name: Brian

Address: Washington, PA

Website: http://www.pheasantspa.org

E-mail: brian.hanna@comcast.net

Willing to provide: Places to hunt and a hunting buddy. I like to hunt rabbits, pheasants, grouse, etc.

In exchange for: Places to hunt and a hunting buddy.

Name: Jeremy

Address: New Castle, Indiana

Phone: 765-520-6646

E-mail: kidd_jeremy@msn.com

Willing to provide: good hunting buddy

In exchange for: some who can take me hunting(rabbit,whitetail, or coon)

Additional details: im only 17 i've hunted deer for 3 years and still love it,but gettin into rabbit hunting(have a pup now i'm trying to train)just looking for someone to teach me a few tricks of the trade.i hope to get some good dogs soon.

Name: jeff

Address: leroy ny

E-mail: jeffkanaley@msn.com

Willing to provide: unbelivable rabbit bunting on 250 acre apple farm! private and well maintained-over my dogs and or yours!

In exchange for: duck hunting in western ny or snowshoe hare hunting up north!

Additional details: Lets get together and run 'em!

Name: Guy K

Address: Okla.

Phone: 580-888-4519

E-mail: koch@ptsi.net

Willing to provide: Willing to provide some of the best Cottontail rabbit and Jack Rabbit (hare) hunting in the state of Okla. Here where I am at for the last 2 years has been a very good year for these critters. Thick they are. I have beagles, or bring your own to throw in. I have a friend that runs a little mom and pop hotel here in our little town I think rooms are around $25 per night. Might even throw in a little Pheasant hunting.

In exchange for: I would like to hunt hogs some place here in Okla. I live in the panhandle and they are none here. Might also consider hogs in TX. If you dont have access to some good hog hunting, give me a shout anyway. We may be able to work something out.

Additional details: Cottontail-10 per day limit Jack Rabbit 10 per day limit. Rabbits are thick, Guarantee lots of good running and shooting.

Name: mitchell gilbert

Address: whitbourne,Newfoundland

Country: canada

E-mail: gummy_14@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: good male beagle,and a good hunting buddy

In exchange for: A good hunting buddy..that i can enjoy a day rabbit hunting with

Name: Andreas Solomos

Address: Toronto, Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: 1 416 465 9955

E-mail: asolomos@total.net

Willing to provide: deer hunting in my farm in November

In exchange for: hare, rabbit hunting, duck hunting

Name: Jim

Address: Marion, Indiana

Phone: 765-674-3791

E-mail: jheasley@bpsinet.com

Willing to provide: 1) CANADIAN GOOSE HUNT in cute grain fields in North Central Indiana.

2) COTTONTAIL RABBIT HUNT over my dogs, yours, or both in North Central Indiana. My dogs are medium, to a good medium speed, and start their check work close in first. I even have one that I consider medium fast. I have very good beagle bloodlines. All the dogs I ll be running have a 1st or 2nd in one or more AKC Gundog Licensed Trials, or are pups out of National Champions. I would even just enjoy running my dogs for you and not taking a gun myself. You decide!


4) Beagles and a Handler for a COTTONTAIL RABBIT HUNT, SNOWSHOE HAIR HUNT, OR SWAMP RABBIT HUNT. I can go anywhere within 500 mile of my hometown Marion Indiana.
In exchange for: Hair Hunt * Swamp Rabbit Hunt * Cottontail Rabbit Hunt * Turkey Hunt * I m mostly open to anything I find interesting.

This goes with option #4) you provide the place to hunt and pickup all my traveling expenses (fuel reimbursement and lodging). I ll buy my own hunting license and food.

Additional details: In Indiana our rabbit season open on State Property Only October 1st. So try and contact me soon if any of these hunts interest you.

I'm looking forward to meeting new and interesting rabbit hunters. I really want our hunting party to be a safe one. I expect everyone to be fully knowledgeable of firearms safety & hunter education issues.

Name: Glen and Melvin Walker

Address: Uppermarlboro, MD

Website: BigGlen20@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: A puppy trianer (female)and 2 young two month pups (both male)

In exchange for: Lnad to hunt on in the southern maryland area or eastern shore

Name: jason Lewis

Address: south williamsport,pa

E-mail: jltroll@suscom.net

Willing to provide: friendship and the thrill of the hunt

In exchange for: the thrill of the hunt and friendship

Additional details: i just got a beagle from the pound and i'm trying to get him started on rabbits but it seems we are both new at this so if anyone can help i would appreciate and willing tp become good friends

Name: Jason Stephens

Address: Greenfeild Pa

Website: Lakesidewoodworks.com

E-mail: Jason@lakesidewoodworks.com

Willing to provide: Rabbit hunt with my dogs and yours if you have them one is running now and the other is an up and commer on my land the rabbits are there but there sometimes hard to find lots of thick christmas trees and brush

In exchange for: a penn to train my new dog or some good land and some good people to hunt with

Additional details: the land that i hunt is tough lot of christmas tree and thick brush other than that im just lookint for a couple of guys to go hunting with and to make some new friends

Name: Thomas Franklin

Address: Fayetteville, West Virginia

E-mail: flairfan@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: Free Whitewater rafting trip down New or Gauley rivers in West Virgina. (up to 9 people)

In exchange for: A place for 3 folks to gun hunt in Ohio.

Name: Kelly Bryant

Address: Alderson WV

Phone: 304-646-4317

E-mail: redcollarbeagles@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: rabbit,deer,turkey,small game hunting on private land

In exchange for: a hunting buddy,maybe to run with you

Name: ricky murphy

Address: boyce louisiana

Phone: 318 6137925

E-mail: hemphillcreekbeaglea@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: texas deer hunt meat hunt

In exchange for: rabbit hunt in the central part of louisiana

Additional details: the deer hunt will be a meat hunt only location will be near hooks texas

Name: Nick

Address: Kalalmazoo, Mchigan

E-mail: fullcryhunting@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: I have one beagle. Hes a faster dog. well trained no deer chases last year. i also have a few buddies with great dogs..

In exchange for: Lookin for places to hunt or new huntting buddies.

Additional details: just moved to the area ..i have lots of spots towars battle creek ,astings.

Name: Chris C.

Address: Colorado Springs, CO

E-mail: cwcotterman1@adelphia.net

Willing to provide: Rocky mountain mule deer/elk (cow) partner. You will have to draw your own license, I will walk you through it.

In exchange for: Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas bird/rabbit/hog hunting.

Additional details: Looking to get back to a few good ole' boys with a southern draw. I am loosing my head with these mile high folks.

Name: Dominick Pritchett

Address: Md.

Country: USA

Phone: 4435210749

E-mail: Hunting4nickbean@Aol.com

Willing to provide: Deer Hunting

In exchange for: Rabbit Hunting

Name: bill mccauley

Address: brighton illinois

Phone: 618 465 1382

E-mail: drywaller12@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: deer in pike macoupin jersey rabbit quail pheasant all ext hunting.

In exchange for: we can talk.

Name: Rodney Dunn

Address: North Carolina

E-mail: rodunn@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: Pack of beagles to hunt rabbits in Eastern/Central NC.

In exchange for: Land and safe friendly folks to hunt with.

Additional details: I've got 14 beagles that I enjoy taking hunting for folks to shoot rabbits over. Looking for more safe and friendly places to take them to for people to hunt with.


Name: john e johnson

Address: houston,texas

Phone: 832 797 3177

E-mail: paducahorleans@aol.com

Willing to provide: i have 1 feamale beagle, need a place to run and hunt

In exchange for: a lasting friendship,good and safe hunting partner

Additional details: im from paducah, kentucky grew up hunting rabbits and squirrels


Name: bob schoop

Address: williamsburg;ind

Phone: 765 886 5836

Willing to provide: good dog runnig rabbit huntinghave io dogs var agesgood hunting places

In exchange for: good christkile freindship


Name: nathan jacobus

Address: Corning New York

Phone: 607 936 0472

Willing to provide: excelent 15inch male and 13 inch bitch for rabbit hunt 15 inch is wonder full snow dog LOVES TO HUNT RABBITS havent had bitch out on snow yet but placed her 2 nd in IBGA TRIAL AT CORNING BEAGLE CLUB

In exchange for: hunting with people from out of the state of new york

Additional details: people that havent rabbit hunted off dogs need not apply care to mutch for dogs dont want them wineding up with a hole in them


Name: Bruce Thibodeau

Address: Silver Ridge Twp,Maine

Phone: 207-365-6113

E-mail: godscountry@ainop.com

Willing to provide: Snowshoe hare hunting here in Northern Maine

In exchange for: Deer hunting out of state of Maine


Name: Randy

Address: Clover SC

E-mail: just4uin20042003@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: friendship

In exchange for: Looking for someone to hunt with.Deer and small game in upstate south carolina

Additional details: I just moved from MI.Iam looking for a beagle.I sold mine when i moved


Name: Matt Goulet

Address: Logan, OH

E-mail: matt_goulet@verizon.net

Willing to provide: 5 good rabbit dogs and great company.

In exchange for: Somebody to hunt with.

Additional details: I'm looking for hunting enthusiasts like myself to share the love of the outdoors.




E-mail: andrewdum@aol.com

Willing to provide: Land to run beagles.4 good running dogs.

In exchange for: Someone to hunt with who also enjoys beagles.

Additional details: I have a very fast female a medium speed male and two just started pups.


Name: Charles

Address: Raeford, NC

Phone: 910-875-1567

E-mail: psalms@earthlink.net

Willing to provide: my rabbit dogs

In exchange for: hunt land and hunting friends just moved here from Tennessee

Additional details: love to hunt looking for someone in the area to hunt with from time to time


Name: Scott

Address: Athen GA

E-mail: seawardse@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: Rabbit hunting in GA on our lease heavy briars quite a bit of cotton tail rabbits and we have a good pack of dogs we can even provide a shot gun and shells if needed

In exchange for: Hog or Duck/Goose or Phesant or Quail or Turkey or what ever good running dogs/ training shock collar / dog box/ guns

Additional details: we hunt from sunrise to about 1:00 usally 5 of us hunting all great guys safe ethical we joke around and cut up and have a great time most are older gents and cant get around on the rabbits other wise we would kill more but we average 4 rabbits with several missed shots its just so thick but they are hard to see and hit you handle lodging and food


Name: john

Address: covington,TENN.

Phone: 901-233-9188

Willing to provide: real gooding dogs to hunt with someone

In exchange for: who have land to hunt on in WEST TENNESSEE


Name: Don Engle

Address: Box 331, Mifflinville, Pa

Phone: 5707593603

E-mail: donengle1@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: cottontail rabbitt hunting in northeastern Pennsylvania with 4 beagles

In exchange for: snowshoe hare hunting in the northeast


Name: Clay Starner

Address: La Plata, MD

Phone: 301-392-9184

E-mail: cstarner@comcast.net

Willing to provide: Five fine rabbit running beagles, friendship.

In exchange for: Places in Southern MD with a good population of rabbits to hunt on and train my dogs in the off-season at.

Additional details: We moved here in March '04, and have yet to be able to locate some good rabbit running areas.


Name: Larry Simmons

Address: Moyock NC

E-mail: larry_s@mchsi.com

Willing to provide: Rabbit/Deer hunting in Camden County NC. All hunts are done with dogs.

In exchange for: Same as above in other areas close by.

Additional details: I have my own dogs (Beagles) to run on over 1300 acresa of leased land.


Name: Patrick Baldwin

Address: Clarkton North Carolina

Country: US

Phone: 910-647-0834

E-mail: Blaster_360@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: Any kind of hunting.

In exchange for: A good rabbit hunt.

Additional details: Have good dogs and bring you own gun.


Name: tom

Address: ny

E-mail: bobcatln@nycap.rr.com

Willing to provide: i have great turkey and deer hunting on my land

In exchange for: good rabbit hunting with you

Additional details: my motto is " strangers are only friends we haven't met" i like making new friends and seeing new places


Name: James Gurganus

Address: Robersonville N.C.

Phone: 252 795-4975

E-mail: Gjaa04@doc.state.nc.us

Willing to provide: My pack of Deer beagles

In exchange for: a good day killing deer

Additional details: will travel 50 miles, the more hunters the better. I'll do all the work, just want to hunt...


Name: Ed Killebrew

Address: Indianapolis, IN

Phone: 317-923-7339

E-mail: rodavi1@sbc.global.net

Willing to provide: blue ribbon rabbit dogs

In exchange for: for property to hunt on


Name: Jim Umbarger

Address: Middlebrook, Virginia

Phone: 540-292-3000

Willing to provide: Land with plenty of rabbits and a good pack of beagles.

In exchange for: Hunting of any kind. Maybe nothing at all.

Additional details: I would really like to get some young kids envolved in rabbit hunting. 40 years of hunting experience. Have hunting camp for lodging. Located in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.


Name: emmett hicks

Address: waco,tx

Country: usa

Phone: 254-235-3990

E-mail: emmett92370@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: good hunting beagles

In exchange for: good land to hunt cottontails and swamp rabbitts.

Additional details: have several dogs to hunt with. old ones and young


Name: steve pollen

Address: mass

Phone: 508-528-0173

E-mail: steve.pollen@comcast.net

Willing to provide: hunt at camp in Maine

In exchange for: hunt in N.H.

Additional details: good hunting in Maine good food and good humor. love to here the dog run.


Name: Jimmi

Address: Jacknonville Nc

E-mail: slcombs@charter.net

Willing to provide: my dogs

In exchange for: land and someone to hunt with


Name: Joe Ike

Address: Chambersburg,Pennsylvania

E-mail: joeikeill@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: Myself as a ethical and safe hunter, and one beagle, hopefully a second dog soon.

In exchange for: Someone to hunt with, and land to run the dog and hopfully get some rabbits.

Additional details: I have a dog who's now 6 yrs old and getting out of shape we keep lossing land to hunt rabbits in the area cause of development and posting of private property. I just want to keep the dog in shape and hopefully train a pup soon.


Name: terry bonner

Address: munford, al

Phone: 256-310-3690

E-mail: rolltide316a@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: decent pack of rabbit beagles

In exchange for: property & new rabbit hunting friends


Name: Stanley Gomm

Address: 13 Southgate RD Old Town Maine, 04468

Phone: (207) 394-2174

E-mail: stanley.gomm@umit.maine.edu

Willing to provide: Hare hunting with beagles. Love to hear hound music, plenty of hare. place for up to 8 people to stay at a lodge.

In exchange for: Fishing or hunting trip out of state. Have two boys 24 and 27 years old and we live for hunting and fishing.

Additional details: Maine hare season Oct 1 to March 31.Non residents license $58. If you e-mail put hare hunting swap as I get to much junk mail.


Name: Adam F

Address: Bluefield

Country: Va

E-mail: afuller@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: Friendship,

In exchange for: Rabbit hunting or fishing,

Additional details: I just moved to bluefield Va and do not know anyone out here or the area, I'm looking for someone who is willing to show me the hunting and fishing area. I'm a 22 year old responsible and seasoned sportsman. If your able to help please contact me.


Name: trey boyette

Address: clinton nc

E-mail: granthillfan_33@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: land to run beagles on but dont know how the rabbit population is buti wanna find out

In exchange for: friendship and somebody teachin me about beagleing and helpin train me new pup and my only one


Name: Mark

Address: Lowell Michigan

E-mail: mark_johnson@gbronline.com

Willing to provide: Fair price

In exchange for: Looking for a hare hunting opportunity with Beagles for a Saturday in Mid or Northern Michigan. This hunt would be a B-day present for my son.

Additional details: My son will be 14 but he has been hunting for a while and is very safe and responsible. I don't have dogs now but have owned them in the past


Name: Roy Malone

Address: Monrovia, Indiana

E-mail: rbmalone2000@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: 4 pretty good med speed dogs, real good running spot just can't gun it.

In exchange for: spots to gun hunt.

Additional details: I'm located about 40 min. sw of Indy, but willing to drive a little


Name: sal

Address: whitestone new york

Phone: 718 216 5937

E-mail: salmus@earthlik.net

Willing to provide: i have a good pear of beagles
that hunts cotintail and snow soes the best.I AM looking for someone from Rome NY or Malone ny that know the hunting areas. MUST HAVE GOOD EXPIRIANCE IN SAFE HUNTING



Name: Wayne Tanton

Address: Tifton, Georgia

Phone: 229-238-1991

E-mail: wtanton@hotmail.com

Willing to provide: i have seen a bunch of rabbits on my 1,000 acre deer lease in South GA. Rabbit hunting sounds fun. So if you want to bring your dogs to Moultrie area just let me know. I also have 1,200 acres in Lumpkin where there are rabbits, but it is really steep ground there. Could be tough walking but great hunting.

In exchange for: If you have a place to take me deer hunting next year that would just be a bonus.


Name: ahuntingwidow29745

Address: York, Sc

E-mail: ahuntingwidow29745@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: large tract of prime rabbit hunting property. Food plots, thickets, and timber.

In exchange for: all hunting possibilites for 2 hunters.

Additional details: property is deer hunted until January 1st.


Name: Mike Warren

Address: Lansing, Mi

E-mail: msw652003@yahoo.com

Willing to provide: Lots of knowledge of local State and privste land.

In exchange for: Looking for other dogs to run with my young beagle.

Additional details: email is the best way to contact


Name: Wayne Kelpen

Address: Georgia

E-mail: wayne.kelpen@delta.com

Willing to provide: My pack of Beagles

In exchange for: Rabbit hunting with you on your land.

Additional details: I am only interested in hunting in Georgia.


Name: John Whitt

Address: Dinwiddie Va

E-mail: jcwhitt@earthlink.net

Willing to provide: Good pack of rabbit beagles and friendship

In exchange for: Land to hunt


Name: Jim

Address: Marion, IN

E-mail: jheasley@bpsinet.com

Willing to provide: 1) CANADIAN GOOSE HUNT in cute grain fields in North Central Indiana.

2) COTTONTAIL RABBIT HUNT over my dogs or you re in North Central Indiana. My dogs are medium, to a good medium speed. I have very good beagle bloodlines. All the dogs I ll be running have a 1st or 2nd in one or more AKC Gundog Licensed Trials, or are pups out of National Champions.


In exchange for: * Hair Hunt
* Swamp Rabbit Hunt
* Cottontail Rabbit Hunt

Additional details: In late JANUARY or early FEBRUARY 2005 I would really like to do a RABBIT HUNT in MISSOURI, or a HAIR HUNT in MICHIGAN.


Name: jeff kanaley

Address: LeRoy NY

Phone: 585-768-9274

E-mail: jeffkanaley@msn.com

Willing to provide: rabbit hunting on private land loaded with bunnies with my hounds!

In exchange for: A good place to hunt ducks in the december NY season or snowshoe hunting in or around NY


Name: Dave Drozd

Address: Pittsburgh, PA

E-mail: ddrozd@pawc.com

Willing to provide: good beagle to hunt rabbits, bear, deer or turkey in PA, northwoods with Lodging, just someone to hunt with

In exchange for: Good places and safe and ethical partner to hunt rabbits with or whatever you can offer to hunt in retrun


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